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  • Awwwwww, cute li'l guy!

    I find that i need laughter and silliness like i need oxygen. GOTTA have those happy cells spillin' out like a babbling brook....

    did'ja know that God has a sense o' humor?

    Praying for all that you and your wife are bearing. Praying that He intervenes and ministers and heals as only He can.

    Bless yer hearts, praying for both of you. I've been listening to J Vernon McGee's Bible studies. I don't always agree with him, but he has a solid handle and understanding of the Old Testament. It's evident that he loved the Bible.

    I'm sorry about the migraines. Hoping both of you feel better and that the migraines ease.

    Did'ja know that laughing release "happy" cells (endorphines) and that they are very healing?

    Reminds me of this delightful verse:

    "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: " ~Proverbs 17:22
    :cool: Look forward to seeing you there,
    its indeed a good one, as are all of beloved57's threads!
    Thank you for your kind words. I'll be praying for your health issues. I've had some myself, and started making smoothies with my Nutri blaster so I could be sure I'm getting the right nutrition. I think it's helped.
    On a brighter note, I continue to lose weight. I'm about 7 lbs beyond what I should be for normal BMI (body mass index), which means I'm about 7 lbs overweight. I weighed 166+ this morning. I had thought I hit a plateau, but it appears I was wrong. My sugar levels are great now, my blood pressure is lower, everything appears to be moving in the right direction, praise God. My wife's health is about the same.
    I'm having some health issues relating to stress, at least I think it's stress or it could be one of the meds I take. My hands shake so much it's hard to type and even use a mouse. Most of my typing that you see without mistake takes me two or three times to complete. I believe I'm suffering from essential tremors, which is sometimes exacerbated by stress. Katherine Hepburn had it. It's not Parkinson's, but this is a little understood ailment. I know my maternal grandfather had it, at least the symptoms. He died a few months shy of his 100th birthday. My next doctor's visit I'll bring it up to him. I will probably avoid controversy and stress online, which will be hard for me, so I may post less.
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) investigated the matter. While acknowledging the suboptimal conditions of many stations, NOAA concluded in 2010 that any bias had been nearly eliminated by their models, which compared stations over regions and time.[53] To the very limited extent that there was any measurement bias, it was in the opposite direction of what Watts expected: stations that were considered poorly situated reported slightly cooler temperatures.[54][55]
    I've been impressed with your thread's. Keep up the good work, as God blesses people who stand up for His Word.
    I'm so sorry for the loss of your mom and your dad. Praying for you and your family, my friend, brother in Christ, and beloved son of the Most High God.
    Your blog is powerful. Would you mind if i pray for you? Would you like me to pray for your mom? God bless you.
    It took me roughly 32 hours to pass that kidney stone. It was a relief to get some sleep and then wake-up, pain free. That was six days ago. I have some fleeting back pain, both sides, but nothing to keep me from work or doing stuff around the house to help my wife out. Health-wise, she did not have a good Memorial Day Weekend.
    I haven't slept since yesterday morning at 6:30 am. So what have I been doing? I'm still in the process of passing one or more kidney stone from my left kidney. I'm going through oxycodone like it's candy. (I have a doctor's prescription for just this sort of thing. I had a kidney stone before and rated it a 10 on the pain scale). I'm going to have to revise my pain scale 'cause this one is worse. Fortunately, even though my wife is not feeling good either, she's been taking good care of me. She has a medical background and has stayed up-to-date with the subject because doctor's don't always graduate at the top of their class and do not know as much about pharmaceuticals as Walgreens or CVC.
    Re. your word of faith thread... Excellent videos as well as your testimony. Thanks for sharing. I have forwarded the videos to family.
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