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  • I tried to search for your thread here, but i cant find it. I agree with you that the loss of manufacturing has caused a great deal of the economic woes of this country, and has built the economies of nations that hate us.

    I think to start to fix things, we need to bring back manufacturing here, end the trade deficits, start taxing the companies that move it to other countries and bring it back here (goods) make it more cost effective to produce here whats used here.

    And stop paying farmers not to farm and then bringing food in from other countries, and stop corporate hand outs because they sit on once used farmland
    The government and a lot of corporations are selling off all of us and this country bit by bit. Its sad, and those who have been charged to lead, dont.
    I think some people don't realize how rude that is, especially people who are related or have known someone for a long time - familiarity.

    The best part of communication is the listening.
    I think thats happening to a lot of people these days. I will keep you in prayer that He leads you to where He wants you to be brother.
    Copeland was his mentor.

    As World Changers grew, so did Dollar's emphasis on prosperity. Dollar has no degree in theology. Much of his prosperity message, according to church and his family members, is based on the teachings of friend and spiritual mentor Kenneth Copeland.

    Copeland, a nationally known televangelist based in Fort Worth, Texas, also has provided Dollar with financial backing, according to J. Lee Grady, an editor with Charisma Magazine, one of the country's most prestigious Christian publications.
    Patrick Jane - I am surprised myself at my ability to handle my food choices, and I loved bacon. But the alternative just isn't worth the risk. Giving up alcohol was fairly easy because I didn't drink that much anyhow. In my teens, 20's and 30's, that was a different story. I started drinking fairly regularly around age 12, with my parents okay. I didn't get drunk until age 19, but that's another story for some other time. Coca-Cola was the hardest thing to give up. I do limit myself to one Coke per week with a meal. I'm to the point where it doesn't make much difference anymore, but I've still got a half case left of Coke, and being tight with a dollar with respect to myself and work, I just can't bring myself to throw it away. My weight has gone from 189+ to 172 lb now. For my height (5'-7"), I should weigh somewhere in the 140's to low 150's. I played my best golf when I was about 138 - 142 lbs. I still have a long way to go even though I don't look fat anymore.
    i like your bacon choices. i'm sorry to hear you can't have it anymore. i couldn't handle all the bacon titles if i couldn't eat it ! you are strong. what about turkey bacon or low sodium ? salami ? bologna ?
    Oh...and tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of what is considered to be the start of the Armenian Massacre (the ones in the late 1800's were bad, but not as numerically significant). Makes me wonder...
    I was surprised when I first found out about the Islamic slaughter of roughly 1 Million Armenian Christians. It may not be on quite the same scale as the Holocaust, but that involved many different people who were considered undesirable by the Nazis. This (to me) shows the seriousness of the threat of militant Islam - something that (for whatever reason) the mainstream media wants to play down and even scorn...
    She does this quite often. Rather than reply to a post, her targets a poster and what she believes that poster represents. More often than not, she is incorrect.
    Hi, yeah I'm okay, thanks. I guess I haven't been participating much. Feeling quiet. Enjoying spring.
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