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  • There's a movie called About Time (2013) that you should look into. We really liked it. Bring tissues. :eek:
    Yeah and I think the best sort of humor is when we make ourselves the butt of it. Easiest way of telling whoever is reading that no matter how up our own noses we may be on occasion we don't really confuse ourselves with the truth and are only trying to work our way to and through it. :)
    No one is perfect. I include myself in that. To me, it takes a better man or woman to consider that they may have been wrong or hurtful and try to make amends.
    You are welcome and the same to you as well. :)

    It's too bad that there isn't more mutual consideration rather than both sides seeing the other as the enemy. I don't think it needs to be that way.
    I started reading them out loud one after another - it was hilarious, thank you!
    Same here. I am just a spectator and more interested in freedom for ... all.
    I believe there is too much *mind reading* going on and not enough emphasis given to the rights of business owners.

    I also know from personal experience that certain people jump to assumptions that are not accurate.

    Case and point: IF I were a bakery owner, and an arbitrary person came in wishing for a cake, whether or not I baked it would depend on the customer's respect towards ME or if it was a message that I just couldn't get behind.

    Example: IF someone wished to have me bake a cake that read: DESTROY UNIONS ... I would flat out refuse. Would I then have to worry of being accused of bigotry towards a gender, race or sexuality?

    It would be different if we were speaking of a medical emergency or police intervention. But in most of these cases, it's a matter of hurt feelings or bruised egos.
    I definitely agree with you. To me, it's fine to stand up for what you believe in, be passionate about it and maybe even argue about it a little but a person who so effortlessly admits to hating pretty much everyone probably does have some issues. Thanks for the visitor message! :e4e:
    You were his good Samaritan that day. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.

    I'm always impressed by the things engineers can accomplish, because engineering concepts are so far beyond my ability to comprehend. And two of my sons are engineers. They see the world differently, I do believe. And physics formulas are like poison to me, I actually think I can feel my brain dissolving. :chuckle:
    You'll be good at managing the meds, I know, but I'll say take good care anyway.

    Migraines are horrible, I feel for anyone having to deal with them. Wishing you the best in dealing with your work issues, and I'm glad to see you back around.
    Wow, you do have quite a range of experience. I left teaching engineering and mathematics in academia to enter "the real world" of HW/SW design. Spent all my time designing cellular radio systems and handhelds, some satellite work on the Iridium project, then my own base station software company and finally consulting on intellectual property matters related to the same. I have three issued patents all in the mobile communications realm. Chances are that some of my work appears in all mobile phones today.

    The doctrinal rigor with PCA churches is a mixed bag these days, to be sure. I have been considering moving to the OPC for that very reason. For now, it rests in the providence of the Lord.
    Thanks for that background. We "double-e's" loved to make fun of you "metal benders" in the required electrical circuits related classes. Of course the tables were turned when we suffered through the required statics and dynamics classes with you guys. Oh, how I hated that section of the EIT exam later on, too. ;)

    I am not sure what changes you mean about the PCA. I am not surprised by the changes in the PC(USA) in ordaining homosexuals. My denomination, the PCA, remains relatively conservative, although I have issues with laxity towards the Regulative Principle of Worship and how they have not condemned Federal Vision proponents at trials of the same.
    No, I hadn't realized I had. Inadvertent then. I subtracted my long standing staring contest with zoo, who has been uncharacteristically hostile and I must have managed that when I did. Thanks for nudging me. :eek:
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