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  • Yours and mine too then dude...!

    And the same in turn, on all counts. Here's to an improvement all around...

    In the same yuletide manner, may your holidays be full of merriment and your stockings bereft of anything in them...



    Rep is mostly a way to add a message, since the old timers have largely maxed the rep out. Thank yous are more common as currency, I think.
    If that VM is any indication, then yes... yes you could. :chuckle:

    I recognize Hugh Laurie, but confess I don't know the other man or their work together. But the picture does say a thousand words. :)
    I'm still :chuckle: while typing this, it just really hit my funny bone - first your typo and then Arthur's response.

    You two gave me the best reason to chuckle all day, so thank you. :)
    yes, different,....check out freelights latest ventures :) - diving back into the complexity of 'Christology',....its developments thru the ages. I might later compare the orthodox understandings of the 'hypostatic union' with the Urantia Book revelation of Jesus combined human and divine natures. Fun stuff eh?
    Thanks quince! nice 2 C u here :) - posting much? I'll look.....I've been posting quite a bit.....the logos sparks are flying :)
    Seems right. But either he was always a troll in waiting or he has more issues than Grit magazine. Either way, his approach is less than honest and reasoned. So whatever the root, don't eat the fruit. (brought to you by the Johnny Cochran Group). :plain:
    I think Crucible is a garden troll. He's taken the misogynistic line, literally makes up stories and numbers he won't support, has carried racist rhetoric and racially charged nonsense and sneered at people arguing for the unborn as human. Find an issue and look for the position most likely to cause an uproar. That's him.
    "Social media in general, is ruining people." I definitely agree with you, and I think a good scientific case can be made for it. This young generation now is the first in human history to grow up with smart phones. It's smart phones more than computers IMO that have changed the way people look at, process, and experience life. Everything is experienced through a filter now. It's not just living in the moment of that experience, it's the constant "on" button in the mind that says, take a photo of that, send it to snapchat, check for likes. It's classical conditioning, and we're doing it to ourselves and doing it willingly. It's scary. Little kids less than two years old know how to get to different apps on their parents' phones, and if you watch, you'll see them pose for mom and dad or whoever and then they'll say "let me see." They're already being conditioned for that instant gratification.
    Well, I'm glad to see you but would definitely understand if you changed your mind... the conspiracy theorists are here too, unfortunately. As for other social media, I never got into that. Somehow I just knew it wasn't a direction to go in for me though I can see the usefulness in getting news out there instantly. Never been on Facebook ever, and in its early years I signed on to twitter to follow a political site but deleted my account almost immediately.

    No snapchat, no Instagram... just about everyone I know is on social media but I have a real concern about people chronicling their lives online... and their children's lives before the child is aware of the permanency of the record. I see little kids adopting the pose the same way I've watched young people do it. They gather around for the selfie and then their entire faces shift into the same generic look. It's fascinating and a little unsettling. :chuckle: I'd love to see a social science study on that phenomenon some day.
    Thanks, Quincy, I'll try to remember that, about the good and bad both eventually leveling out. I was just mentioning something to Arthur about the ebb and flow of life, and it being hard to tell which was ebb and which was flow. :eek:

    Glad to hear your little one is doing well, and yes, at her age it's exhausting to be a parent. :chuckle: I guarantee you by the time she's 3 it'll seem easier, and at 4 easier still, and so on. At least until about 12 or 13, and after that, all bets are off. :)

    There are just a lot who aren't here anymore, people that I miss a lot. Rusha, zoo, Bybee, Granite, and Barbarian, for starters. You, of course, and more.
    Glad to hear it. How's that little girl of yours doing?

    I've had better Christmases, but I'll get through. Thanks for asking, though. :)
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