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  • That's a good silver lining. :)

    Sounds like you have a good diet, that's great. I tend to like vegetables more than fruit and for quite a while I've steered clear (for the most part) from wheat products and sugar. Also... considering your hip injury, I've heard sugar has very inflammatory properties at the cellular level, so I'd think staying away from anything that increases inflammation is a good thing. Not that I'm a nutrition expert, I'm not. I just think about how it's only been in recent generations that we've consumed so much sugar, and there have to be reasonable conclusions to make from that.

    I've read that sugar is like cocaine in the part of the brain that responds to both. I didn't know that about meat though, that's very interesting.
    I remember you either had a thread about it or mentioned it in a thread once upon and time. Because you have diabetes, it's even more important for you but yes, I agree. One of the biggest, if not the biggest culprit in the American diet is the amount of sugar we consume. /soap box

    And I don't eat pop tarts either, although I admit to a craving for really fresh glazed donut holes on occasion... :)
    Hey, Quincy. :)

    Wow, 13 months old... I wasn't too far off on my guess. I'll bet you've been having so much fun with her, and she's the apple of her daddy's eye. :)

    I'm sorry things have been up and down for you, but I'm glad that you're maintaining, and floating with that current, as Evo used to say.

    I've been up and down myself, but I'm much too stubborn to give up.

    I hope to see you around a bit more, I've missed seeing you here. You always have good things to say.
    Good grief...well, glad you're better. Reminds me of the old Presbyterian joke about the Pastor who fell off a ladder and broke his leg. He looked up to the sky and said, "Thank God that's over."
    Awesome, I recall we were doing commentary on the Tao Te Ching on my old 'Taoism' thread,....and only got about half way, until it was deleted in the last system purge,....as older threads were getting 'hacked'. Oh well,....a wonderful tradition, with many insights.....as the way of nature, the wu wei. Take a look at my latest posts here,...to get a feel for things, as I've been kinda bouncing from one pond leaf to another,....leap frog? :)
    I think Ktoyou would like to. There's a guy I've been having an interesting conversation with in my legal thread I might nudge. When you have the time the lead is, of course, yours and feel free to grab anyone you think of as a good get. I modified a couple of questions of yours attempting to tailor it to the last two, but mostly just used what we had.
    Hi Q,....its been so long since we corroborated within a thread or topic :) - any new interesting subjects or pursuals lately?
    Used your opening inquiry and a tweak or two to kick off the next series of interviews. Put one in Delmar's hands. Hadn't run into you in a bit. Good to see you're around. I think it's time. There are enough new guys who've been around consistently since the last series. GFR, for instance. Ktoyou is already willing.
    She has a strange way of expressing herself. Usually, people who go out of their way to express themselves like that have something to hide. Scary stuff indeed!!!
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