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  • More revising my investment. I'm off for Christmas break and wanted to stop in and see a few of you, spend a little time. Likely back into the mist thereafter, during school. In any event, I'm done putting much work into the place. Now it's just a fund diversion. Merry Christmas, by the way. :cheers:
    Hey Quincy, how's it going? I don't get online much during the week at the moment but I'm not on here as much now either...
    Thanks for the warning. I was thinking along those lines myself. Unstable people might do crazy things! But, he must not go unchallenged.
    Hi Quincy! Thanks for asking about the mod fiasco! They asked me to be a mod. I didn't go looking for it. It was fun though! But really, I am a bit too opinionated to do the job properly! Still, you are correct. It was dozer who couldn't take the heat from me and Knight sided with him as he always does. I am upset about Anna being banned. Dozer was after her too. We shall see how this all pans out and actually, I'm quite ready to go toe to toe with dozer!
    Fall is my favorite time of year too. But then, living on the west coast, I don't have a snowy winter following behind it, and I could understand how fall can feel more like a harbinger of doom for some people.

    And then, depending where you live and how thin your blood is, one person's freezing cold is another's 50 degrees. I know that from my own experience. :chuckle:
    I hope it's only annoying at worst. :)

    Doing all right, thanks. I'm looking forward to a week off school next week.

    Enjoying the cooler weather, too. I hope otherwise that things are well with you. :)
    :chuckle: That'll make you good parents, because she won't be able to pull the wool over your eyes. You'll be one step ahead of her. :)

    On the thread... well, I didn't plan it that way, it just happened. I had a free day, and, well... :eek:

    Thanks for your support, I appreciate it, and... yeah. Defensive is a nice neutral word. :)
    She's at a good age, and it gets more and more fun. Maybe until she's about 12 or 13. Then things could get a bit challenging. :chuckle:

    I hope that EMG isn't painful. Keep at that rehab, though. It's so important. Stay strong. :)
    Eh, it's the humor that helps me get through hard times in real life. :) Thank you for your thoughtfulness, I have no doubt you're a great listener.

    How's the rehab going? Tell me about that instead. And how's your little girl?
    Thanks, Quincy. :) What a nice thing to say, I appreciate it.

    And yes, do ask Knight. I know he's turned people down before but I think (IIRC) that he added Other for freelight, and Deist would be a very useful term, it would be interesting to see how many might pop up on avatars if he did add it for you.
    You know what? Deist would be a good option to ask Knight for. Maybe he'd do that, can't hurt to try, especially for those who'd use Other as a last resort when they'd rather have something more specific. For me, the nonspecificity is actually rather helpful for the time being, at least.
    As for 'Other,' yeah, I made the change a few months ago. I'm not a practicing Catholic at the moment, and don't know yet what that means for the long term or where I'm going so it suits me until I figure things out. I hadn't seen that you're 'Other,' didn't you used to be 'Pagan?'

    As for whether it's positive, I can say I'm not troubled, I'm at peace with it and am not trying to 'fix' anything. I've taken some grief for the change but I'm not feeling bad about it.
    Good morning Quincy. :) I'll answer in two parts. On the sugar, I think it sets up a continuous cycle of crave, high, crash, repeat. And the calories are so empty, so there's the sense that it's never enough. Plus the body can only handle so much sugar and the excess wreaks havoc on the whole system. And the psychological aspect is a whole nother conversation. :chuckle:
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