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  • Thanks man! yeah i originally just wanted a short break from the my way or the highway mentality that runs rampant on here... it's hard to find yourself with all that white noise clouding your vision...then life got in the way, but i'm ready to give it another go i think :)
    Hey Quincy. I have at times shared your desire to be reclusive. But it is usually short term, and in between my desire to be more social.
    Yep, she'll still do baby kung foo, kicking with her feet and flailing her arms around in surprise when she sees the stuff, haha. Babies even make Christmas better.
    re: has tool changeed your worldview.....

    if you can't prove that a text is divinely inspired or god breathed then what difference does it make whether or not you add or take away from it?

    faith isn't proof......text claiming that it is proof, isn't proof....
    Awesome! I love the Bad Romance video. When she pops out of those pods it was so cool. The ending is kind of weird but you know it is still cool. The bear skin coat is pretty out there haha. Great videos to watch I think. So did you get them on video or dvr or something?
    Hey mori. I'm going to be online in 30 minutes. Just got in, take a few to get settled and I'll be online.
    Oh, for sure. I'll pickup Brawl in a couple weeks when I get paid and I'll challenge you to some games with my noob scrub skills! haha, I bet your scared now.
    Yea, I ended up getting Ethan arrested like that. Just had a couple more buttons I had to hit and moved the stick the wrong way lol.

    I think I'm almost finished with Bioshock 2. I'm at the Fontaine place trying to lure Gil out. I hope I can finish this before tonight and get back to heavy rain.

    I traded my friend my copy of Bayonetta for his copy of MAG. Dude, MAG is an awesome game. Do you have it?
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