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  • Saw you looked in the other day. Sorry I missed you. Rusha is on indefinite hiatus...we need our good people contributing, not conceding the ground to trolls and hotheads. I hope you stop by again soon. :cheers:
    I had to wonder on the point. I noticed the other day when I cited a few of the failings I struggle with that she moved away from a point of self-examination faster than a chicken at a Baptist convention. :think:
    It's no scarier than it has always been.
    But it does help figure out what folks really think.
    Perhaps, she herself, also sees you and I as nothing but vicious animals????

    He's just a dog the owner lets pee on everyone else's carpet. Meh. That doesn't do much for anyone, but it's not important. I'll post the Gazette when it's ready and after he's had to toddle off home. People who want to look at it will have the time to and I'm not even going to bother with his "look at me and what I can do now" post.

    He's still wakes up to being him and that's the only punishment that matters. :)
    Hope the weather isn't too severe for you, otherwise, I'm glad you're somewhere warm(er) than MN for the winter. :) I understand about the age, and feeling younger on the inside, my mom says the same thing, and I feel the same way too, a generation younger than you, but a generation older than my children. :chuckle:

    I understand about TOL, too. It's not the same as it was, and it's easier not to be here these days, I too can be happily busy elsewhere, and maybe that's a good realization at which to arrive. There are times I've spent far too many hours in this virtual world, although with friends like you, I also find it hard to stay away completely. :)

    Sending you much love, friend of mine. :)
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