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  • So, I'm trying to be as gentle with her in response to some fairly low, assumptive and wrong-headed shots, but it's been a trial of late. Well, if we were perfect we wouldn't need grace, or the ability to count to ten. :eek: Hopefully that's the end of the humanist nonsense. That almost brought out the me I'm mostly attempting to live without.

    Anyway, I'll be off to Christmas Fest in a few. Should be fun. :D
    The bad guy always loses, sister. He'll lose again. That new user name of his appears to be an acronym of all his previous user names, under which he was banned many times. Knight has his limits. Hard to believe his bias is in favor of the ideas ok loser is promoting, so I'll withhold judgement until I have a chance to seek clarification from him. In the past, Knight has been bias towards people he later banned permanently because of their ideas that were accompanied by conduct he became fed up with, e.g. Sozo.
    I'll post this elsewhere, but dad had 80% blockage in one artery and the others were fine, so one stent later he's in recovery. Another night in the hospital and he's home for the holidays. :D
    I remember when I first came to these TOL battle grounds and made the comment that I though of leaving, I wish I had kept the response I received, I don't even remember from whom, to my loss, that said something to the effect of steel sharpen steel and because of that response, and I'll be ever so thankful, I have learned to stand on what I believe, regardless of what others think or comment about me personally. I have learned to stand on Jesus Christ and what He did at the Cross of Calvary. I have become a stronger Christian. I have learned much from your comments also, even if not commenting on them very often.
    Thank you for your friendship.
    Hiya bybee. Wanted to thank you for, well, a great deal, but it begins and ends with friendship, which is remarkable enough. How are the holidays shaping up for you? Mine hit a rough patch, but God willing tomorrow will be better than it has been for some time. I've got a seven o'clock hospital watch so I'm not entirely sure if I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. Everything looks good, but you know, it's still an anxious drill.
    It just seems odd to me. Another way this place works one way and then another way. Oh well. I suppose it was always this way but for a time I was blissfully unaware.
    I love it when folks are happy and have family and friends that let them know they are loved, protected, and precious.
    Makes the noobs seem like small potatoes in comparison.
    I understand the conflict.
    I'm gonna let you be you, and them be them.
    My heart is just too full of joy right now to be involved with the bickering anymore.
    But I do still stand by my statement that no woman deserves to have her body raped by another for any reason at all.
    Thank you. :)
    I'm glad you challenge him :) , he deserves it but yea, that was just some friendly advice. It's easy to get caught up and really tell the guy what you think of him. In my opinion, that is what he wants. He holds such a grudge against TH, that if he isn't around, sod will just go after the people he cared about.

    I know you know all this stuff but I'd just hate to see you banned and I have a big mouth :chuckle: . It's already sad to see anna banned :( .
    You know, he probably just wants to get all the women on here banned. Maybe not all, as long as they'll agree with him on most things but most women. The ones who liked TH, anyways. Just be careful because spiteful people who hold grudges can be dangerous, even virtually! :)
    I don't know about "in the know" but I am ex-Army and full of piss and vinegar. Too bad we can't get together and go shooting. Love to you in Christ!
    I noticed that you aren't a mod anymore and I apologize if writing that brings up any bad memories. I just wanted to say, I suspect it may have something to do with a certain fellow who bears the burden of quite a few delusions. You don't have to tell me anything, but I did want to send you some love if you were done wrong. Much love to you, bybee! :e4e:
    Don't start thinking that mods are superior to indifference.
    Certain things get their goat and they lash out just like everyone else.
    You were doing just as good as any of them have done.

    About the only difference between them and you is that you were much more active on the board in joining discussions.
    You hardly see any of the rest of them doing much at all out on the forum itself.
    That makes you a little more personally invested in the forum and what's going on within it.
    I am really disgusted with the attitudes of some here about rape.

    I am also disgusted that the only TOL staff member that voiced her disgust was the one that got the boot.

    But we're still here, aren't we!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for your outrage!
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