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  • Never mind what I asked. You are Calvinist and I speak against Calvinists.

    good day.

    I am so flattered. it seems that you give me so much power over you.

    what did I do to you?
    I was working for a company that was getting a proprietary steel from a company in Gotemborg. The steel was being used for manufacturing large processing equipment for sulfuric acid (93% to 100% pure) used in refining petroleum. My boss and I also went to Kristianstad to look at a manufacturing plant who were experts at welding this steel. It was a great trip, beautiful country. Everybody spoke 4 or 5 languages, I was very surprised how easy it was to communicate with people over there. One meeting I was in, two people, one on each side of me, were talking to each other, but the only language they had in common was English. They each spoke about 4-5 languages each.

    One thing I'll remember was getting a Christian track written in Swedish while I was just walking around. I didn't know what it was at first. Some of the other things I'll remember, I ate elk for the only time (so far). In fact, all the meals were excellent. My boss and I were treated like honored guests. Also I had the best candy bars I've ever had which were called something like MMMMM. I brought a few home with me too so my wife could try them and she agreed. It was a great trip that I'll never forget. It was unfortunate that I didn't have enough money to bring my wife along.
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