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  • Hey there, Barbarian. So good to see you. :)

    Congratulations and many best wishes on 50 years with your beloved. I'm so happy for you. May you have many more years together.

    Your poem is absolutely lovely. :) Thank you so much for sharing it, you really made my day. It's very good to see you here.

    And your students are very fortunate to have you in their lives.
    There's always been an element of irrational hostility and nonsense about the joint, but there's been so much of it for so long it's seeped into the groundwater and it keeps welling up in even some of the less likely places...oh, not him, of course, he's been a fountain of muddy water from the start, but in general I find the pervasiveness of it disturbing. Maybe I'm only starting to notice. Maybe its because so many of the reasonable voices around here have left or are weary of voicing opposition or better example.
    No rush. I'm more interested in the source than the raw data. The amount of money in grants is mind-blowing. One way or another, this money is coming out of my pocket. If it's spent wisely, I don't mind as much than if it is squandored.
    A blessed and joyous New Year to you,Barbarian, filled with His light , His life, His love!
    May you be blessed and may you be a blessing to others, hug!
    Thanks barb for your honesty. From my research so far and looking at all the evidence (you can treat a few of the good/solid cases even like a police detective would, gathering data that would hold in a court of law) points to the reality of UFO's and ET's, there is so much out there on this, - Roswell would be a good place to start, some good books out there on it, but most of my research on it has been via TV documentaries, videos online, internet research, etc. It was a major cover-up and if you investigate the data, you will plainly see this. Its a fact. Anyways, 'ET Theology' thread was the bomb :), but it got deleted. Some great links and some new videos in the 'Disclosure Project' thread are some good starters too. I think you would also resonate well with the fact that most ET spiritual teachings hold to the concept of 'evolution', both biologically/spiritually. All true streams of knowledge come from One Universal Source.
    Hi barb,....yes, its a fascinating subject UFOs/ETs, and I've been doing my share of research over the years, and convinced in favor of it, because of the data, records, witnesses and logic/rationality of it. The Roswell and Brentwaters case, are good to investigate for starters, plus hundreds/thousands of sightings and actual 'contacts', giving us enough data of the phenomena to draw some conclusions on the matter. Once u do dive into the research and examine the data,...there's no going back :) - of course there may be deviations or interesting new twists along the way....its exciting.
    Well I appreciate them all the same, even though it's hard for me to know I've put anyone in the position of having to say something. I'm not finding the right words, I hope you know what I'm trying to say. But I'm glad for the voices speaking out against an unjust system. When you were banned last time I said in the Ask Knight thread that you were unjustly banned. Crickets. I wrote Knight up in the same thread for the way he allowed sod to savage Rusha. Crickets again. Anyway. Thanks. :)
    I wrote a post basically agreeing with your point on the cop who shot the dog but it's not there. Perhaps I didn't give it time to link but that's never happened before.
    He's fine. I'm the one coming along slowly, having gotten sick while sleeping in chairs in his room. :chuckle: He's in school today for a photo. It swept the family and I'm the last to recover. Sheesh. Thanks for asking though. :cheers:
    :chuckle: Feel free. It's truly remarkable the lengths people will go to cobble the appearance of virtue from what is, by any reasonable approach, at best poor manners steeped in a willful sort of ignorance and at worst...
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