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  • I dunno...I think reading Naz's stuff has compelled me to build an underground bunker made of seaweed.
    I love dissonance when it's applied like that. It can have a really rich quality to it and even accentuates the more melodic aspects IMO. OOps, music anorak mode...:eek:
    Hey, thanks for the rep. I'm not sure where that pic's from although I think it's from some apocalyptic X Box game or something...:chuckle: Glad you liked that Rautavaara piano concerto, or the first twenty seconds at least. It's certainly different...
    Put the relative awfulness of it in perspective. :think: It's enough to make KC fans wonder if Tebow is still considering a comeback.
    But in their defense, zombies really understand the meaning of "taking a bite out of life".
    Of all the supernatural creatures, vampires are my all time faves.

    What's rather sad is that even though my daughter loves horror movies, she doesn't care for vamps or witches. For her, its the werewolves and zombies. She won't watch my scary shows with me unless it's the Walking Dead or American Horror Story. :(
    It depends on the movie and context. Most movies and tv shows I watch have moderate to extreme language in them. However, most of what I watch is suspense/horror.

    Banshee and True Blood makes me laugh and even cover my eyes. Even The Walking Dead has a few *ha ha moments*.
    I never missed an episode when Tennant was Dr. Who. I watched every so often after Matt Smith took over the role.

    With this newest guy ... I took the show off my DVR. What a HORRIBLE recast.
    Hi Cale, I surmise your 'christian' days were an experience? :) - Mine was and still is, much as I could still be called a 'christian', but the fundies would tear up that definition ;) - I hold my own still,.....ever the eclectic....just one up over the next prevailing concept or dogma,...since you know how the infinite goes :surf:
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