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  • I seriously think "I hope you become a Scientologist" is one of the worst things you can say to somebody.
    It's not a good fight, it's just a teaching opportunity. What better way to discuss science, than by addressing the misconceptions of those who don't get it?
    I was born on the wrong planet to, Caled. I've never watched Saw, and I have no interest. Certainly no interest in really torturing people. I wouldn't say that torturers don't "deserve" to be tortured, but that it would be wrong to torture them. And while I don't necessarily "understand" Hell, I trust God on that point. But the thought of imperfect humans deciding to torture others is barbaric. You are correct.

    Recons of all people should know that "greater good" defenses don't work. The ones I know do...
    Just out of curiosity, were you a torture opponent when you were a recon? All the recons I know in person are anti-torture, and I'd be willing to bet McDurmon is. Mind you, I get that people could argue that stoning is "torture" but that's a different can of worms (I don't support stoning people today.)
    Regarding your latest rep message, I usually feel bad at some level when I'm mean, even if its to a torture supporter. I'm not really sure why that is, as they certainly deserve it.
    I agree. His statement really gives off the vibe that what happened is a positive thing. You can't just condemn violence and rationalize it at the same time. It's like he just added in the condemnation because it's expected.
    Posts per page???

    I am now going to need to take a nap. This day has completely blown my mind.
    :chuckle: So you're going to be the guy who months into a game realizes the handful of things that would have made everything easier when he was really interested in it. :) Thanks for the light hearted notes in a morning that needed them. Now I'm off...well, more so. :mmph: Damn ponies...
    Sure can dude, which assuming you weren't poking fun at me for stating what everyone does (as I have no clue what the norm is for people on here :chuckle: ), here's how. In your control panel, under edit options there's a "thread display options" segment. In there you can set up linear -newest first and there you go. I also have it set to show 100 posts, I find it saves a lot of time and interruption.
    I'm almost completely color blind. Welcome to my world. :) I actually like the kid, but he's really got to get a handle on the notion of self editing...anyone of zeal and ability feels like he does at that age. The trick is not to let everyone know it until you've lived long enough to laugh at yourself, assuming it dawns on you and/or you have a sufficient sense of humor. I'd bet you were in the "keeping a lid on that pot" sort more often than not. I really wish he'd take my advice on how to view and regard a consideration of intelligence.

    Relaxing. I'm not sure why I bother sometimes.

    Though we don't agree on everything, I think you're a reasonable person.

    I can't say that about most here...

    I'm a masochist for continuing to post here:p
    A blessed and joyous New Year to You, hard belly, may your heart be soft for His light, His life, and His love and may He give you happiness.
    I'm on my phone viewing TOL so when I leave pos reps, it won't let me leave a comment.. So, I'm leaving the comment for this post here..

    I love the dancing dude!!! Too cute!! :D
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