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  • This is the second year I've done it. Here's a link to the genesis post and Res and Angel tied for Reporter of the year in the inaugural.
    It's funnier because a few of the "winners" like to whine about whining. :) I went report crazy a few years back and when someone said something about it I started the Race Report to mock the over zealous tendency of some and to keep an eye on my own. It helped put things and some posters in a different perspective. And I think it has actually impacted reports to a small extent, which is gratifying.
    Totally. :). Those kind I don't usually bother to read at all, or I'll just hover my mouse if I'm on my PC and I can see enough not to even have to click. :chuckle:
    Haha, I was just referring to the character from a detective series. He's delightfully eccentric like TH is, lol.

    Agatha Christie's Poirot
    Same here.. Just waiting for the next victim, er, uh, applicant to show up for the driving test.. This time of year is sooooo slow..
    One of my ancestral families is Taylor... you'd think I'd get it right from genetics, if nothing else. :chuckle:
    I think you are hilarious! Even if you are a pagan. :chuckle: ..

    That's just a joke. Please don't report me, or neg rep me, or make a thread about how mean I am.. :plain:

    I'm totally with you on 'Inception'. I think Zimmer's music fitted the film to a tee and I loved both the film and the soundtrack, then again I am a bit of a Nolan fan where it comes to most of his films...

    John Williams is one of those composers where he seemed born to write blockbuster soundtracks. He isn't someone I'd listen to but there's no denying his scores are so apt for the films and they'd lack an element without. The Shawshank Redemption is a classic all ends up. Kinda hard to believe it initially bombed at the box office...

    I like some of Howard Shore's early stuff when he was working with David Cronenberg a lot. Without his haunting ethereal score for 'Scanners' it would have lost a big dimension IMO. I know he's more synonymous with LOTR etc these days but I like his more abstract style. Have you seen 'Under The Skin'? The soundtrack to that by Mica Levi fits the whole experimental abstract vibe of the film...

    Cheers for the friend request btw. Accepted. :cheers:
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