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  • I don't gamble, but I love playing around with statistics and got into this in high school, when it was a lot harder to collect the data. My best year was a few back. I placed 15th out of around a hundred thousand people playing at ESPN. But I don't put the same work into these days, with a three year old to entertain. So the model isn't as certain. Doing well enough even so. At 99.9 percent in the game this year. Which isn't to say 99.9 against the line...which would necessitate my moving to Nevada. :)
    For a few years I even made a TOL game out of it and a number of us competed weekly. Fewer posters of varied interest these days and more nuts than a good peanut brittle...:chew:
    Agreed. Sometimes the lack of a score benefits the overall film, especially with gritty realism as focus I find. I did a course in film studies some years back and one of the modules was on the importance of sound and music - both intended for the audience and participants in the movie or simply just the audience. Was a lot more interesting than how I'm describing it here...:plain:
    I think sometimes music can bolster a film or ruin it depending.
    I thought it was. :D The Cohen brothers make some decent films, I think 'No Country For Old Men' is one of their best, not as quirky as others maybe but a great film IMO. :e4e:
    I said it knowing I'll get something spewed at me, but I don't care. I've collected some real gems over time. :chuckle:
    I read your interests ... beer, Red Sox, Patriots, singing in large ensembles for fun and profit

    And I was reminded of Johnny Russell's, "Redneck's, White Sox, and Blue Ribbon Beer"

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    I don't know if it's the worst song ever, but if it isn't then you can't say it doesn't aspire... :plain:
    I'd say the reason I avoid the stupid little putz is fairly obvious.:rotfl:

    Thanks for sharing. I needed that this afternoon.
    You've got a point there. :think:
    And thank you.
    Best regards;
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