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  • Yeah. The left seems to think that letting rapists and murderers in is good for the children.
    You thought I was attacking Glorydaz? I thought I was defending the faith...and myself. I apologize for giving you that impression.
    Namaste :) I look forward to open and liberal discussion of a free and explorative nature, if you are up for it, as I am a free spirit, transcending all dogmas entertaining any I so choose, but recognizing it as a concept that can be dropped as soon as a better appears to replace it. In any case,.....all passages are open to research, considering all possible and tenable translations, as 'interpretations' are subject to change. A 'Unitarian' or 'Trinitarian' view or point may be better than the other, or such differences can be 'insignificant' in the greater scheme of things. :surf:
    Thank you for the neg-rep. It will draw the attention of anyone who looks at it to your inability to answer simple, honest questions about your religion. :)
    The rep does not do anything now, so, I will say, you are a big dope, and a poodle head!
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