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  • Were any of them Western? :shocked: If so, here's hoping it's quiet. . . but keep your head down anyway. :eek:
    Thanks. We both must know the reason why this fact of history is avoided by many at TOL.
    About the pos rep: Of course I'm Protestant, but I appreciate your meaningful dialogue with us and AMR in this particular case. In Him
    I don't think he's really "here," here. If he was he'd be talking to us, and every time I look he's at 'private messaging' just like some of those zombie accounts. He's not on any of the threads. I sent him a PM asking about it, and no response. So... very strange.

    And yes, you're up late. :)
    You're on a roll today... you must be on vacation. :)

    Also, I think Evo's account has been hijacked. Very strange...
    Yeah it is rather good. A fellow at work was on a trip there recently and brought some to "try it out".

    I really haven't tasted too many brands of coffee outside these parts. Besides the regular coffee I've tried out the Nescafe type machines (love the Moccachino from those) and some North American brands, not too keen on those, seem to require a gallon of sugar to taste good. But must be my taste as I don't really like the coffee too black.
    I'll just go ahead and grab a cappuccino from here...never mind the bill, jerzy will pay for it :p

    Been having some Puerto Rican coffee here at work, nice stuff. :coffee:
    Nice avataro by the way...reminds me of that video game character Carmen San Diego :p
    Well, the media seems to like him (even is the front runner to win the Nobel Price). I recently saw a documentary dealing with the pedophilia issues and they were rather positive when it came to him (not much for John Paul II and Benedict XVI).
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