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  • I tried to message you but got this:

    ClimateSanity has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.

    When are you getting married? She's purdy :)
    You've known me for years and can't discern her false accusations? I call b.s.

    As to your assertion, it's paranoia. It's not my nature, and you know it.

    I can't believe after all our interaction after all these years you could possibly think of me the way you do. In the past you defended me against glorydud's false accusations. Now you are clinging to whoever you think is your friend without regard to the hurt they cause to others while you whine like a victim every chance you get.

    Get this through your thick skull: my wife and I are not out to get you or anyone. We're here to debate ideas, and we will defend ourselves and others when we feel it's appropriate.
    What do you mean we started going after you?

    I only side with ideas I agree with. I don't prefer people. I can even have friends who disagree with each other.

    And since when have I ever tried to stab you in the back? No way, man. As far as I can recall, I have only tried to reason with you about issues relating to modesty and culpability. You have shocked me by reading false motives into everything I say here.
    Where's the apology from you for the wrong things you said about my husband and me? You keep contacting me but we aren't friends unless you can stop acting like an enemy.

    If you get a pos rep, that's not me paling around. I give you reps when I agree with you. Just like everybody else. You want compassion but you are withholding it from us, no consideration for the impact your words and actions have on us.

    After some thought I realized I don't want to waste my time expressing myself about you on a thread that's not about you when you likely won't agree or understand. I don't know what harsh wrongness you are imagining, but you turned on us and I don't understand your justification for your attitude.

    Since when have you seen someone say something wrong or harsh about us and done anything about it lately? Think on that.
    Thanks. I forgot to lock the trolls out of my PM. I reported the "brave" attempt to get my attention. Grow up or get the help you so obviously need. And God help the lot of you.
    I'm keeping my inbox full for now. Things need to be said out in the open, imo.

    Yes, I'm miffed. You shouldn't associate with those cretins or even give the appearance of supporting their ideas about rape or women. The Apostle Paul wrote we should not associate with those types.

    I'm very happy for you and L. Congratulations. Your plans sound admirable.
    Hi CS, the thread in which we are engaged is very sensitive partly because many of us have a bad history with dozer going back several years. However the great thing about an open forum is we each get to have our own impressions! Welcome!
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