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  • What's with your fascination with the occult? If you're
    a Christian, you ought to stay away from that stuff! If
    you're not, then I see why you're doing it!
    Hopefully your next thread will be better than the miserable effort you came up with on parsimony.
    Hello Damian. Don't know if you have seen the interview thread TH and I are working on, if so, I'm just extending a invite to take part if you like. I'll send you an interview if you like, just let me know.
    Hi Damian! :)
    Just wanted to say again that I'm really appreciating your posts. I'm not an expert in the Course by any means, but I recognize the authenticity of it. I also recognize the power of truth you bring to these boards. God bless you.
    Hi D, have been continuing commentary of acim ch. 13, the 'Guiltless World', the subjects of 'time' and 'eternity' have especially been stimulating. I'm more a reader/learner of the Text itself, never got into the 'lessons' part of it. Do you read both the text and lessons? What is your reading approach, style, method? I dont believe you've ever shared that before. Feel free to add anything, if inspired ;)
    Hi damian,...was working on commentary in your 'Dual trinities' thread from last night,...just dispatched now :) - it weaves in from a Bi-unity perspective, but from which all trinities proceed...or are 'ordered'. Hope it helps readers some, at least to understand such relationships.........
    Damian - I know you might not appreciate my involvement... but I am a son of God every bit as much as you are, and for me these matters are of ultimate concern.
    My sharing such with you was in 'good will' of course. I've never heard it interpreted as you just did. I dont see the greeting as 'satanic'. What inspired your interpretation?
    You seem to be getting discouraged a lot lately. That's too bad, because for a new-Agey type (I don't know what to call you), you are pretty rational, which makes you a good challenge to us Christians around here. [Nothing against you freelight, you're just difficult to understand at times.] I encourage you to try a more light-hearted approach to the debates, maybe, instead of taking things personally, as it is a shame when I open up one of your threads and find it edited away. With freewill, for example, regardless if you think you proved your point, not everyone will accept it and all you can do is "start over" with every new poster you encounter. With the posters you already sparred with on that issue, the best thing to do is to take one argument at a time, and if they say something you disagree with, try refuting their immediate argument or point out that they are assuming such-and-such, instead of trying to say "I already proved you wrong." I hope this advice finds your graces, as we don't want to lose an interesting voice around here. Remember, in practice debate is as much about emotions and fortitude as it is about intellect. God Himself could sign up, and somebody on TOL would find some way to disagree with Him.
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