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  • You have an odd way of showing indifference. You should probably try harder. :thumb:

    I'm tired of listening to you say what neither of us believe. Shoo. Scat. Take it to another profile page. Begone with ye and whatnot.
    No, Eeset. You offended me because you meant to and used language that would accomplish it. And I literally only just said I never believed you thought I was gay. I believe you insinuated something both sexual and insulting. There's no other way to read the words you wrote and you've never offered any other way to read them. And no, calling someone gay point blank is an absolute invitation to being bounced, especially if there's no preceding insult. And you are anything but stupid.

    And that's the curious thing about all of this, the way you started that out of hand. I suspect it had something to do with a perceived grievance on your part that you nursed while I thought differently about you. Ah, well. I can't account for it otherwise. And that's too bad for both of us.
    You still are. And we both understand it. I'm satisfied to have set out your words, words you can't and haven't attempted to put in a different context. You'll only fool those who desire to be. I can live with that. :e4e:
    Chrys won't tell you, but my neg rep followed her creating a thread to argue with me using my username as a title then putting me on ignore when I showed up...but the one in Gross3 was about her continuing to show up and talk about me, misrepresent me and generally defamatory comments made while hiding behind the ignore function. Mostly pro forma objection on my part. :e4e:
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