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  • aww. he's harmless.

    Yes, but still a troll, at least in our correspondence. - Hope you are doing well :surf:
    Hiya sis, gettin zesty eh? :) (reporting a moderator).....seems Sherman has been in the 'hot-seat' more than once.....
    I hope you had an excellent Easter today, Eeset. It is still Easter here (10:30pm). I made a ham and stuffiing with ground sausage. Everything tasted wonderful. May God Smile Upon You!!
    Hey Eeset!! I hope you're doing excellent on the islands. Pretty good here too. 90 degrees! I'm sorry it took me so long to post to you. Will send you a PM soon, hon!! May God Give You Comfort And Exhilaration!!

    Hi Eeset, yes, depending on how we understand and apply things 'universally' ;) - I see 'Christ' as the universal light of God in Man. - all true laws and principles are 'universal' by nature.
    A blessed and joyous New Year to you Eeset!! May it be filled with wonderful beginnings, especially with His light and life and love!
    Okay, I'm not exactly a fan of yours but I would have repped you for the 'are you being served' post if I could, that was good...:chuckle:
    I am growing weary of some TOL posters.

    After awhile you deal with them, engage, transcend or shut them out. You must be true to the truth in you, and reflect that, since all others are reflecting what is within them. Most gestures are a motivation of either love or their variations. So much nicer if love was reflecting eh?
    Yes, I just posted on Paul in heirs thread here (I'm sure she's dreading it ) :) - that's one of my challenges,...the 3 different versions of the DR incident, and Paul's apostleship in general, since its mostly self-proclaimed. We only have Paul's word, and the writer of Acts, who was biased towards Paul somewhat.
    Having a little fun too with all the 'Paul' threads,....and taking on a more skeptical stance on his gospel and movement.
    ;) - we're just here :) - I'll have to get our 'Reincarnation' thread up and going again. I've been pioneering 2 now (my older original one was 'trimmed', being too old of a thread). It seemed you were open to 'rebirth' in a 'transmigrational' sense, - if you'd like to explore that privately, feel free....or otherwise. I find some who think outside the box a little don't want to make light of their 'peering' into other possibilities or 'doctrines' that might be deemed 'heretical' to keep a 'good standing' within 'orthodoxy'.
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