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  • Hey kmo. :) So happy to see you!

    Quite under the weather this week with bronchitis, but otherwise, doing pretty well these days. How about yourself? How's life treating you?
    Hello kmoney! Yes, I have been well. Thank you. I hope life is going good for you. Nice to see you drop by. :wave:
    It is a great tea, especially during autumn.

    Yeah, its church duties: Mass, funerals, weddings, confirmation lessons. It has been a very busy year so far :)
    Deleted some PMs now :chuckle:

    I'm doing fine. Quite a lot to do at work, so keeping busy. I'm still reading some theology, but not as much as before due to time constraints. Been wanting to get into Kierkegaard a bit more, but haven't had the time yet.

    kmo, you have to listen to the podcast Bundyville. I listened through my PBS app. There are only 7 episodes, but they're fascinating.
    I listened to the first podcast. :) I want to listen to part of it again before I write back, to see if I think the same on the second listen. When I do, I'll write again. Take care in the meantime.
    Hey Count, I thought I hadn't seen you around for a bit. Are things ok? Not too bad here. :cheers:
    In the case of Moore we're talking about predatory practices aimed at minors. With Franken we're talking about a really stupid photo and allegations of a kiss that was rebuffed and never repeated. If the latter happened I suspect you'll find repeats of the conduct. If not and it happened it was a learning experience that he's apologized for in the main. I don't think an apology covers sexual assault on minors, if we ever get to the point where he ever owns the charges, which seems unlikely.
    Hey kmo. :)

    I follow (in no particular order) Lawfare, Vox, Crooks and Liars, Mother Jones, David Corn, Propublica (that's a really good one), The Daily Beast, Politico, Lawrence Tribe, The New Yorker, WaPo, NYT, Talking Points Memo (another very good one), FiveThirtyEight....

    ... among others. :eek:
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