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  • Looks aren't always deceiving and sometimes we find ourselves contending with foolish notions and people. That's usually the time to start contemplating another conversation, no? :cheers:
    It's funny, but time gave me enough perspective on that group that it wasn't a problem. Once I realized what had happened to the thread in relation to the standard I checked out...then it came to me, usually I have to take two or three of those in a thread without responding to get anything done. But in the Back Alley I could give them a chuckle punch or two and then go back to my business. So that's what I did. Made a rational observation about irrational people, got a joke or so into the mix, then let them rave at me in absentia until I feel like goofing with them again...if I do.

    Kids. :eek:
    Man, looks like you're getting your share of vitriol. I just put a few on ignore for the remainder, alongside sod and 1mind. You might consider it. At least if you find yourself starting to enjoy the tizzy they work themselves into. That was my warning sign and why I'm out of it. But you might not have that problem. In any event, you're appreciated and don't let it get to you if you stay in the midst. :cheers:
    You need to see all the posts in Dave's thread from today and all the posts in my Conspiracy thread from today if you want to seriously debate me.
    It's been a long time since I was active on this site. It's nice to recognize a few member names of people I liked and respected. God bless you. SObG
    Your brainwashing is nearly complete. You'll look back on this time of your life and realize how stupid you are, idiot
    I think the phrase you were moving toward using is "clinically insane"...:plain: Just a guess, mind you...and STOP CALLING ME A LYRE! :guitar: Or a cab. Or just stop calling me.
    Your rep came through as a blue box with a question mark in it, so I don't know what the smiley is. :chuckle:

    I'm guessing :shocked:
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