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  • "Unlike you, I actually UNDERSTAND God's word...I certainly don't hate it".

    So that's why you compare cigarette smokers to sodomites?

    Where in the Bible (God's Word) is that comparison made again?
    I figured you for a Michael Jackson fan.

    Which (false) religion is it that you practice again? I get all of you leftwingers mixed up when it comes to your theology.
    I trolled your reps?

    The only troll behavior to be seen - is yours.
    Let's smile and smack you.

    You are just another perfect example of trying to insult with the very thing you do. Loo Loo Loo

    I am trying to smile while smacking you with the truth.

    Unfortunately the ones looking on know I am the mean one for picking on one so dumb.
    But you are fun to smack - you hurt yourself better than anyone else could.
    Do you kick yourself too?
    wiz, wiz, wiz,
    is that all you do -is wiz?
    Quit reposting over and over, Loser.
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