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  • :chuckle:

    I can't see it. Maybe I got different pictures than you. Where was it from?

    Made another post in the discussion group (second one, I wrote it earlier today).

    How are things?

    :chuckle: Okay, kmo. I appreciate your attempt to approach the often messy nonsense around here with objectivity, even if I differ with a few of your conclusions. :think: I suppose if you agreed with me entirely I'd have to suspect at least one of us didn't know what he was talking about...:liberals:
    Only a few games of Rafa's. I've been watching the World Cup recently. I'll try to catch the late rounds of Wimbledon. Did you see the Mexico upset?

    It mostly matters because I put significant time and energy into answering the question, and I figured that I may as well answer it after all that. And if TH somehow continues to disagree it can serve as something analogous to a "saved game" in a video game, allowing us to avoid restarting from scratch the next time he objects to the claim. I find such devices useful on TOL as many posters have a tendency to recreate the same debates over and over again.
    Responded to the DG. I was dismayed and annoyed at the rampant trolling and animosity plaguing the early pages of my thread. It took me quite a while to comprehend the projection taking place. The formula I used in my title is a standard TOL formula for a "witch hunt." As is so common on TOL, my thread was understood to be an unfair mischaracterization of someone as a heretical witch and an initiation of the brow-beating ceremony. I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad that I am so out of step with the TOL community that I would make such an obvious mistake. :eek:
    Sometimes it has to be...but at your service on the point, publicly or privately or shouting over a great distance. :)
    Okay, thanks. I guess I didn't notice the date on that thread. It's such a strange argument he keeps raising.
    I was just listening to a converation between Harold W. Attridge and David L. Bartlett (both professors at Yale) on the Epistle to the Romans (You can find it here if you are interested: They said something (in the part on Romans 4) which I would like to hear your opinion on: They said that Paul would never have passed an Old Testament class today, because he ignores the context of the scriptures he cites. What do you think that implies with regards to how we read and should read scriptures?

    Having a nice weekend?

    Actually, I think they might have canceled each other out... :chuckle:

    Oh wow, that ice cream looks yummy. My favorites are rocky road, chocolate chip and chocolate mint chip. My favorite frozen yogurt is strawberry with chocolate chips.

    I rarely try something new, so in that you could still classify me as a conservative. :)

    In a very particular order? :chuckle: Let's see... lager, pale ale, microbrew, boilermaker. :eek:

    Thank you, my friend. A happy weekend to you too. :)
    No, I didn't hear. I'll have to look around at the news, I guess. :)

    Doing all all right, all things considered, thanks. Hope things are well with you.

    What's Maggie Moos? I feel totally out of the loop now. :eek: :chuckle:

    But I'm glad the weather was nice the wedding went well, and best of all, the open bar. I'd take a margarita, a mojito and a beer. In no particular order. :)

    Yeah, I have had absolutely no use for a car where I have lived. It takes me 30 seconds to walk to a bus stop which serves busses that together can basically take me anywhere I like within the city, and they pass by every 5 to 10 minutes.

    That would be correct, I quite enjoy jazz. I did not know that was on Netflix, I have to go see that myself. Do you listen to any jazz yourself?

    Stomach problems are the worst, I don't envy you :eek:

    I just signed up for driving school :plain: Never got around to taking that when I was 18. So now I guess I have to go the driving theory course with a lot of 16-18 year olds :chuckle: Luckily I only have to take one small part of the theory course since I'm over 25.
    Hope they do not frown upon me bringing an alpaca to the first driving session, Frank likes to hang his head out the window on the passenger side...
    Did Harry throw your TV-set through the window after the 2-2 equalizer? :plain:

    Weekend was alright. Watched a few world cup matches. How was the wedding? I'm going to a wedding in a bit under 2 weeks myself, should be fun.

    Still waiting for my Tolstoy and Myers books, should be on their way though.

    :chuckle: Of course. They won't know what hit 'em.

    How did the wedding go?

    It's been up and down, but thanks for asking. Life goes on. :)
    Awhile back I installed my computer chess program, but didn't get any further. :eek: I did win, and the fellow had just gotten back from nationals where his team finished in the top 10. I think I got a bit lucky. :eek:
    Do they have Hispanic and Somalian rap music? :eek:

    What about chess? I played for the first time in over a year last night, and afterwards I had to check-in to my Gameknot account? What is your name, kmoney12?
    Ya know, I'm just gonna shoot from the hip from now on. :chuckle:

    I don't resent Ghana, I just don't feel sorry for them. :)

    I'm glad I'm not alone in my non-sainthood. :eek:

    I hope you're having a good week.
    I saw your comment to Sela... Didn't Ghana knock us out of the running in the last two World Cups? I think they did, and if so I have no sympathy for them. :)
    Thanks, I appreciate that a lot :) but I'm no saint and I know it. :eek:

    I'm always open to conversation with you so shoot me one if you want to. Otherwise, I understand, but things were so far afield by that time it wouldn't have mattered. :chuckle:
    Were you happy with the USA vs Ghana match? I did not get to see it myself, but I heard that H&G's friend, Wooly Archibald, got arrested for harassing the referee with obnoxious alpaca sounds :plain:

    Having a look at Belgium vs Algeria now, not extremely exciting so far :eek:
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