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  • There are certain things that I don't have much patience for, Kmo. And I have less patience for those certain things once I've had a bit to drink. :idunno:
    Not even close to enough. :eek: I like the Spurs, I am very happy with the result. :banana:

    It is going well. It's inner-city work, so the experiences are all over. We are also playing games with the kids, doing catechesis, working at soup kitchens, etc.

    Cool. Playing any tennis or basketball? I haven't touched my racquet yet this year. :(
    right now I see
    stirring the pot
    does that mean they are taking over my job?
    :shocked: :chuckle:
    :chuckle: It is a rather famous book as well, one of the founding books for the so called Christian anarchist movement. I've heard some of it on audiobook (it is available for free on librivox for example), it is quite interesting.

    I can imagine the alpaca team, chasing the referee off the field for making a call they did not care for :chuckle:

    Jewish study bible sounds very interesting, now I want that as well :noid: I have not read much Jewish theology in general. I've read Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel's book on the prophets, that is great one. I like that you went out for pants and came home with a Jewish study bible, that is just great.

    England - Italy soon now, should be interesting.

    I like the Kings and the Spurs too. Why didn't you think the Spurs would win? :eek:

    Oh I am doing door-to-door evangelization this summer. I will also try to read some books and whatnot. Any trips for you? :e4e:
    I just ordered it, together with another book I've been wanting for a long time now: "The Kingdom of God is Within You" by Leo Tolstoy.

    Just finished watching Spain getting butchered by Netherlands :chuckle:

    That sounds interesting, I should really read that book. Although I might go with a book more related to the biblical texts next, I feel the need to alternate philosophical theology and scriptural theology a bit.

    There is a supposed classic that I want to read: Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark's Story of Jesus (

    You know anything about it or the author?

    Ah, I know which ones you mean. I saw a few of them when they were on youtube a while ago, quite nice lectures.

    Cunningham's book is quite dense (it is a 350 page book with 100 pages of footnotes and references :chuckle:), so some parts warrants a second look.

    Been a while since I've read Tillich, I have not read Dynamics of Faith.

    Watched an interesting short documentary the other day. An African church in San Franscisco that sees John Coltrane as a saint. Quite interesting. You can see it for free here if you are interested:

    Also I found this brilliant clip that was edited out of the second Star Wars movie: :chuckle:

    I take it H&G are wearing their soccer jerseys now? :Plain:

    "Great Courses"?

    I'm currently re-reading some parts of Conor Cunningham's book.

    Weekend was not terrific, been having some stomach issues lately :eek:


    Yep, I wanted to see it but had mass duties. I'm not a huge fan of Djokovic, but an upset would have been fun. Did you watch the whole thing? Who are your NHL and NBA picks? :e4e:
    Part 2/final.....

    I think they are talking past each other because I'm not sure TH would say that rights are exclusively man-made by the social compact. Or that the justness of a law is based solely on it. I think he's talking in the scope of US law. I can't answer how TH would decide if a law is just or not. He may have two conceptions of it. First, as it relates to US law. Second, as it relates to morality. Like he says there's a difference between what should be illegal and what should be immoral.

    Hope that helps.

    Part 1....

    I didn't read TH as saying Trad does believe that all sin must be legislated, only that it is the logical conclusion of his view. Which may not be exactly right, but in Trad's principles he could legislate against all sin if the circumstances were right. And honestly, I think some of that is in play in TH's view as well. You, and Trad might agree, said that in a perfectly virtuous society all vice could be legislated against. TH may say the same thing but he also looks at the problem of interpretation and knowledge. Without perfect knowledge, who gets to legislate? Do you believe that the Natural Law is something that can be objectively known separate from any religious belief? Is it like 1+1=2?
    That's nice. :) I thought maybe you'd be attending a feminist convention or something. ;) About the same for me. No plans so I'll mostly relax which I'm looking forward to. I could use an extra day to get some extra rest. Was possibly going to do my dad's birthday celebration this weekend but now we're doing it on Tuesday, which is actual birthday anyway.
    It suits me? I'm not sure how to take that. :noid: In case you aren't sure, it's the snowman from the Disney movie 'Frozen'. I just saw the movie last night. It was pretty good. His name is Olaf. :)

    They were calling for another big storm (up to 12 inches of snow) but it ended up not being bad at all. It was actually worse for areas south of us. So that was nice. I was slightly disappointed that we didn't miss any work but in the end I'd prefer to have no snow and work a normal day. :chuckle:

    How are you doing?
    :chuckle: Yes, I am a little paranoid right now.

    I'm happy that you are at peace. I'm sure it was a long road. I can't imagine how hard that would be. :e4e:
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