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  • Danny is joining to learn stuff on TOL

    By the way you have to look to the right where it says "view conversation" in order for someone to be alerted they have a message on here.
    HappyCetaran sent me this nice message and she's an atheist.


    I am sorry if I have hurt your feelings and I apologize for Persephone66's untoward comment directed at you. I understand a woman's battle with her looks. Trust me, I have my share of secrets that I have to endure on a daily basis to try to keep some semblance of my looks up. That is the curse, it seems, of being born a woman.

    That photo I use in my avatar is quite old, and I am not that "spry" anymore. Haha. If you want to get more depressed, you should see my younger sister. That little b*tch does not seem to age at all, and she is only five years younger than me.

    I don't know why you think you are not an attractive woman. From this photo you have up now and the other one where you are wearing a red blouse and smiling, you look fine to me, especially for a gal of 53!

    Hell, woman, you got your sh*t together in my book!

    So stop worrying and take care of yourself and be healthy. We want you back on this forum as a beloved member, and seeing you in this state distresses me.


    You're embarrassing me. Remind me not to tell people you're my husband.

    I know TH I'm being mean here but he needs a rebuke big time.
    Who said the seas were 'heavy' during the flood? If God could flood the earth, surely He could make sure He wouldn't destroy Noah's Ark during the process.

    You've been horrid lately to people. I have read some of your other rude posts and its unacceptable.
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