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  • After tonight, I am going on vacation for a week, so I probably am not going to be posting here at all. Just figured I'd let you know in case you don't hear back from me.
    Bumped your subscription to Bronze for a year, my beloved. You should get the news in a day or so. You are needed here, with the features accompanying a subscription, and I am always edified by your contributions.

    Hey Nang, I just noticed you were a TOL subscriber now. Did someone buy it for you or did you buy one yourself? (If you're wondering why I'm asking, I know you said in the past that you weren't going to buy another one because you had theological disagreements with the admins.)
    Nang, I agree that it's wrong to besmirch John Calvin and his name. I have read some Calvin's works, they are interesting.

    I think it unfair to take somebody to task when they are dead, they cannot respond unless that somebody does a lot of reading, it's like reading (Titus) Flavius Josephus, the reader better write the page number down or they'll forget where they found it.

    Blessings to you Nang, continue to fight the good fight ~ Psalmist (Tom)
    No problem.

    I agree that we all fail in our witness. My issue with Res isn't this one instance. Res has shown consistently that his only solution to any problem is name-calling and support for violence (the latter bothers me more than the former, but both bother me.) I could show you some examples if you want. Maybe I'm wrong here, but I have reasons.
    You know me. You know I can be harsh when called for, to the point where a ton of people want me gone from RPF. But what Res is doing is absolutely ridiculous. And I can see in basically every post that he makes that he worships bloodshed. I do not believe he's one of us anymore than Rusha is. Rusha is at least more likeable most of the time.
    I don't know. In fact I was surprised when he mentioned going to a church. A lot of OVers do not attend church at all.
    You have ruffled all the MAD feathers around here. Be careful. You are now a target for infractions!
    You can add Saul to Paul, Dr. Brumley, Bright Raven, Lighthouse, Clete, Inzl Kett, Angel 4 Truth, Journey, Intojoy, Hilston, Stripe, and Glorydaz to the list . . . and I might remember more later!
    Good, I see you as an evil provoker, you do this to anyone in your crosshairs at the moment. You see the good in anything, just your seething hatred for the person who posted it. I find you despicable, hateful, and rude. I won't ignore you though, I would rather mock you....:mock: Nang
    Dearest . . . you should post a picture of you wearing your glasses, so that I can be assured yours are not Pelagian, either!
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