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  • Whoa whoa WOW
    now that is an extraordinary photo art pic of you, Knight,
    Getting dizzy and going numb from looking at it,
    gotta go! wow

    That is you, isn't it??
    Hey, if you ever need to prune Observations give me a heads up so I can save a lot of it offline for sentimental (and dialogue mining) reasons. :eek:
    Not a problem. Should anything change or there is something that I can help with, feel free to let me know.
    Would it help at all for members to delete some of their threads that may no longer be relevant to the forum?
    I have a lot of old threads that aren't moving if you need whole cloth prunes. :think: That sounds like a really bad health food...
    Has there been another purge of posts? The other day I was just about to hit my 2000th post and now I'm only on 1663. I only bring this up as I was so excited to finally hit 2000 so my "friends" here would get off my back about my post count. :chuckle:.. Evidently, I don'tpost as much as them . :eek:.. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks.
    Hi Knight, I switched from firefox to Safari and it fixed the problem. Thanks for your patience. Raven
    Hi Knight, I'm still having that software problem. Could you tell me if my ability to give reputation is turned on. It seems as though there may be an off/on somewhere. Needless to say, i will keep looking for the problem. If it is something that I did,I know there is an off on somewhere Thanks for your help.
    Originally Posted by ghost

    TOL is overrun by an abundance of new posters who claim that "Jesus is not God". Their distortion of who Jesus is, and the message of the Gospel is far more detrimental than any stupid pictures of naked people. Yet, there appears to be no genuine concern for their form of absolute perversion.

    Why? Spreading evil does not come in just the form of pictures, and these people are not here to learn or grow in any form of understanding. They are dogs.

    Let's clean this place up a bit, and someone let the dogs out. Please.

    You see, this the cancer of trin churches. It is of devil because there is no biblical of this persecution. RCC invented the trinity and they have been evil killing all their opposers, and the rest of the protestants are following her.

    Trin churches don't know Jesus. They are trained to be hypocrites by their pastors and preists.

    I give you my testimony how evil they are as organization. Jesus told His disciples to let all people spread Jesus and not stop them when His disiple told Him this one was not one of them.

    I am an evangelist for my native country for last several years. When I was visiting local church on Sunday service, the pastor was bashing JW by saying they are cults because they dont believe in the trinity. So I approached him saying that I am non-trin but as you know I have been evangelizing for Him. Then they told me that they have to inform this to Gideon. Then Gideon stopped providing me New Testament books to me for evangelism. So I went to American church and asked them to cooperate with for evanagelism and they knew me for a few years so they called Gideon for me. But Gedeon asked the pastor who is asking for becaseu of the amout of the books I asked for. (I have been giving out about 600 books in three weeks.) Then they refused because they know about me from local Baptist church. This American chruch is also Baptist.

    So there you have it. There are many American churches and so local churches in this tiny country becaseu of American Forces. And they dont evangelize to local people because they dont know how to reach out to them. Local people hardly know about God and Jesus eventhough they are surrounded by so called "Christians". And they ostractise and and refuse to cooperate to faithfullly spreading Jesus to people who don't know God.

    This is the reality of trinity churches falks. You guys should learn how to serve Jesus instead of being trained to be hypocrites and claiming Jesus is God and giving God and Jesus only lipsevice to Them.

    Christianity is all about serving Jesus, not about debating man-made doctrines; that's what pharisees and Scribes did in New Testament times. And Jesus called them hypocrites. Jesus tells that we know them by their fruit. Your fruit shows who you are; pretending to be true Christians with lip-serving.

    Trin churches are misrepresenting Jesus with their disobedient practices, and it is mocking God and Jesus.

    PS, God is faithful to His faithful servants. I found the book store that sells NT books. It is costly for so many books but God provides. You guys cannot stop me from spreading Jesus. I also tell local people that Jesus does not advocate the wars; it is not His idea whenever I have chance. The world believe it is Jesus' idea to engage in wars. The military practice for Christians is absoutely evil, not of Jesus.

    Jesus' servant, meshak
    Hey Knight. This may seem out of the ordinary but I'm in a bit of a panic. my dad (aged 72) called me this evening to say "goodbye" to me. He wants to end his own life. Im a bit stunned and I'm trying to talk him out of it. He's going to call me in about an hour and I'm just trying to share my faith with him in hopes he can change his mind. I'm just flummoxed and don't know what to tell him.
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