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  • Thank you brother, you always know how to lift my spirit! God bless you richly for your kind heart.
    Not really. The article actually tells us that it's exaggerating the headlline within the body of the text. I was only trying to shake him out of his...state.
    Whoever paid up my subscription to TOL, THank you!
    May the Lord bless you for your caring.

    Hey Naz, but you're either a little early or really, really late. :chuckle: It falls on November 27th of this year. :) Thanksgiving is always held on the fourth Thursday of November. :cheers:
    Okay, I could have addressed it differently, but I'm tired of armchair posturing on the part of some who are more than willing to scowl at you but much less willing to offer either a criticism that can be responded to or, God forbid, assistance as if they actually might care about more than simply assuming a superior position.......also, I hate flying business class and getting the middle aisle.
    No need for thanks. When you are spot on, it should be acknowledged as such.

    Have a great week! :)
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