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  • If you think I read your drivel in my rep area....think again. I can barely stand to read what you write on the open forum. :loser:
    Oh my goodness! That is the kindest thing anyone has ever said to me on TOL. Thank you so much. You've made my day. :)
    Thanks for your response. I've not had a chance to go through it thoroughly but I will. Thank you for your time. :)
    B. - I can get a copy of The Person in the Orthodox Tradition by Metropolitan Hierotheos Vlachos and send it to you if you like... Used and half-price - A gift from me...
    We both know God put us under such teaching, in order to educate us such religious error, in order to use us in defending His scriptural truth. He has His purposes in all such things . . .
    I have to remind myself that the Lord spared me (husband AND I) with His truth, after 7 years of intense brainwashing in a PB Assemby. What I repent from the most, is my urging little children in S.S. to accept those lies. May God have mercy on me, and erase my wrong influences from those young minds! I know you must experience the same remorse, having been temporarily deceived as a Pastor/teacher of the system.
    I think you are overly patient with them! Standing against their lies, with biblical truth, is the only way love can be shown to them.
    I used to begin with the foundation, which is the reconciliation of Theology Proper. But that's too much bulldozer and doesn't edify anyone. I've changed my tact to reveal Satan's devices and his agenda. As God, he sitteth in the temple (naos - Holy of Holies; the human spirit) of God, showing himself that he is God. Dispensationalists (and Dominionists) and Open Theists will never see this because they're all looking for an earthly kingdom as deluded Zionists in some form. But the Orthodox Trinity doctrine has ONE omission, for which the three hypostases were a quantitative compensation. To understand that God's Rhema is His hypostasis is the central fixture for the ontological Gospel and to comprehend the literal process of the virgin birth and our being born again. And retaining the simplicity and singularity of God without quantification demonstrates both His constitution and character, and our qualitative everlasting existence IN Christ.
    I know I speak differently than everyone else, but it's because I've spent years having my logos conformed from low-context English conceptualization to high-context patterned function from Greek lexical depth. Satan's devices (noema) literally means concepts of the mind; and that's what low-context language (dialektos) fosters to replace God's Rhema in men's hearts and minds. It's the most subtle thing there is, and nobody has uncovered it because it's the inherent means of our cognitive and sub-cognitive faculties and functionalities. Our minds have been sculpted by language to produce a logos that determines its own rhema by concepts of the mind establishing content for itself. It then continuously changes both our hypostasis and prosopon because a hypostasis of faith drives it all through hearing false rhema. It's an endless downward spiraling circle, and nobody is exposing the root because they don't and can't know.
    Since God's Rhema is His hypostasis, it doesn't include anything created whatsoever; so that's why Satan is a lie and the father of it. Truth is the unveiled reality lying at the base of, and agreeing with, an appearance; the manifested or the veritable essence of all matter. God's Logos is truth, demonstrating that Satan cannot be, have, know, or say the truth; because there's no truth in him.

    The serpent's mindset was only noumenological, so it isn't God's Rhema. That's exactly why it's another rhema. Getting into this area is what absolutely destroys the silliness of Open Theism. Everything within creation was in God's noumenon from beginning to end. And it's His volition as to everything unfolding, since His phaino is what gives all creation its phaino.
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