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  • God alone inherently has phaino, so nothing else has intrinsic phenomenological reality of existence. Creation is merely noumenological, depending upon God's Rhema to have carried it forth and uphold it, which was/is by the Logos. Creation was in the nous (mind) of God, so the Logos has both phenomenological and noumenological reality of existence. Noumenon is only potentiality of existence, and needs phenomenon of actuality of essential and substantial existence under and behind it.
    You answered my first question: "Eve heard "a" rhema from the serpent and "a" faith came that changed her human hypostasis." You also say "There was no thing else (no Rhema else) for Him to think or speak about." Would it be correct to conclude then, that the serpent's mindset and subject matter must have been included somehow in God's Rhema. Is it incorrect to consider God's Rhema the same as His "Eternal Decrees" that ordained the appearing of the serpent and his deceptions?
    Thank you so much . . I will go back and apply these definitions to your post. Blessings!
    My first question: Please define "theoria." I do not recall you using the word before, but assume it is relative to the concept of theosis. How?
    Thank you for alerting me to your post, and I have printed it out, so that I can give it my time and careful scrutiny. I assume you will not object to questions?
    Look out or you'll grow "out" instead of "up".

    Have a good evening...I have a vet coming out to geld a horse in the a.m. so need to be well rested. Watching wears me right out. ;)
    I was a late starter. I do put lots of creamer in it, though, and like it very weak. I started drinking it when I was doing night shift for awhile. Now I just drink it so everyone will think I'm a grown up. :chuckle:
    Funny, I didn't start drinking coffee until I was your age....or thereabouts. Weird, huh?
    Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus....He was Hebrew all the way. We have to be careful not to be double minded....especially now.
    I don't agree. God has declared the end right out of the beginning. That's where you'll find the Lord Jesus Christ, too. I think we're near the end, and are looking at Daniel 12.
    That's like trying to have it both ways, isn't it? Of course, I may not be understanding usual. I see Hebrew thinking as cyclical....and we are the wheel within the wheel right now.
    Question for you. You are into Greek, correct? Do you see time as linear like they do? If so, are you an evolutionist, too? Just curious. :)
    Yes, I believe understanding Traducianism is key to grasping the depths of the Incarnation.
    You must recognize how your use of Greek nouns and verbs liberally sprinkled within normal English is confusing because you do not take the time to add a nice parenthetical "i.e., meaning {plainspeak here}". You seem to wave off the importance of knowing your audience in one sense. In another, you assume all are dull and not worth the effort to teach in a more effective manner.

    You should know that the message received is the message sent, whether or not you intended to send what was received. Understanding the receptor's social, intellectual, and spiritual character is the mark of an instructed mind and will reap many benefits in your desire to teach and communicate that which you hold dear.

    I do not flinch at your words. But I am likely in a minority given my background. Others will struggle and if you are fortunate, some will eventually start to grasp what you are trying to say. How much more effective you could be if you were open to my friendly offered advice. ;)
    I am extremely blessed. :) Been a bit under the weather resulting in a trip to the emergencyroom.. FFeeling better now though. Take care.
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