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  • You ought to look in the mirror you two faced buffoon. Nobody was sniping at her from my end. And by her proud confession, she is not in the Body of Christ. If she later changes her mind, then great. I wouldn't hold my breath. You either believe or you don't.
    That didn't read anything like a temporary 'signing off will return later on' comment TG and you flaming well know it. It was a peurile ad hom piece of crap so you can take your 'dipstick' remark and hopefully convert it into something relevant and applicable on the actual thread if you haven't answered already. Grow up dude.
    If you can't back your arguments up then don't make them. Have the guts to address the issues regarding the DP or else why bother? If all you've got is the latest ad hom laden garbage then it just signifies a complete lack of logic on your part, and also an understanding of legal matters and justice for that matter. :plain:
    Are you going to put Oh no... it's Sozo on your ignore list mentally or on your ignore list literally? Myself I just ignore him for now.
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