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  • Hi TL,...please see all my commentary and resources provided on ECT in the various threads,...I link these for a reason thanks. This will help our discussion on this, if you'd like to research further.
    I'd deny it if pressed, but I don't actually dislike chrys. Sometimes I want to strangle him when he's not living up to what he can and should manage, but he's mostly just a grumpy old guy, standing in his yard shaking a fist at the kids. A guy who isn't here to listen, suspects everyone he can't see in a mirror and beats an agenda drum to the skin breaks on it.

    But I think there's a good heart in him, ideologically blinkered as he can be from time to times. I'm sleep deprived, so if you get a number of "Merry Christmas" salutations from me, just roll with it. :eek:
    You knew it was my birthday? HA HA

    Thanks. Its a busy day, and an expensive day. Car insurance ouch Car Tax ouch Dentist ouch
    Maybe a nice rib eye steak later though :)
    Ah my dear I voice my opinions. I loathe everything that Satan possessed dozer stands for! He is dishonest and evil.
    And Knight quite approves of him and that is that.
    Please give me some rep.
    Pretty please with sugar on top!
    I think we are talking about 2 different curses. It is true that Jesus was cursed on the cross by the Father and God forsook Him in that God cannot look upon the sin which Jesus bore for us. The original curse at creation was one on the ground (land, environment) which God did to make Adam's life one of toil and tribulation. It would be by the sweat of his brow that the land would yield food. This is the curse that still produces famine, drought, tornadoes, floods, and hardship of all kinds resulting in suffering.

    Gal 3:13 tells us that Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. It does not tell us about the curse on the ground.
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