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  • Hi tj, you were on my mind so I'm stopping by to see how you're doing. If you don't come around one day soon, I'll send you an email.
    Hey, glad to hear and that you have a nice new apartment. :) I hope the side effects are as limited as possible and that things just get better. :)
    Thanks for sending, I got a laugh out of the one part that made you laugh too. :chuckle:

    More later. I hope you're still asleep right now. :)
    :chuckle: It's so great to know you're settled and warm.

    I'm afraid to start writing that PM for fear the maintenance shutdown will start halfway through. I'd better wait until we're back online.
    thank you for your offering.

    I will when I get over my deep depression.

    It is not good thing to talk about negative things when I am not over yet.

    depression is contagious to spread.
    Thanks for the reply, will write back later today. I was going to reply now, but just looked at the clock and I have to go, and I'm not ready, I've been goofing around. :chuckle:

    Later, then.

    You deserve every minute of it. Have a long hot bath, put the heat at a comfy temp, and have a nice nap with your kitty. I'm so happy for you!
    Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! :D

    My daughter suggested to write a name on personal things. I think it is good idea. I don't think people would not take it if name is written.
    Hi tj, so happy to hear how things are progressing. :) I can't wait - for your sake.

    Thanks for writing, and I'll respond a little later.
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