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  • I just saw your answer on your page here. For Pete's sake, I just can't understand your doctor's thinking. I sure hope that time is helping, since the meds aren't. I hope your other situation is better by now, thinking of you and wishing for you the peace of the Christmas season. <3
    Yes a little over a week. No the doctor is not willing to give me anything other than what I'm already taking which is like taking a tylenol.
    I'm so sorry to hear that. It's been a week now, right? Was the doctor able/willing to give you any other options for controlling it?
    Hey, I hope you get that. Make sure to get those meds. Pester the doc etc if necessary. Don't be in pain if you can help it TJ.
    I'm between finals, one more and I'm done with the semester. Will reply later today, but want to say to grab that opportunity in tomorrow's appt. to get him to make things happen. More later. <3
    Thanks for the rep, you are a class act and real example of charity we all could learn from, blessings Zeke.
    Good morning, I am praying for you that you have healing in body, mind and spirit. Modern medicine can do wonders and our own bodies can do wonders.
    Also sending love and blessings.
    Hi truthjourney, thinking of you. I had to come back to send a message today, but don't know when/if/how much I'll be back, and I have my PMs and VMs turned off while I'm not here. I'll turn them back on if I come back to stick around for a while. Thank you for your nice post to me in the breakfast club, know that you're in my thoughts in the coming days and weeks. I sent an email to Rusha explaining all this, and asked her to get it to you, because I didn't expect to be here today, so I'm sure she'll be letting you know that. If she doesn't, tell her I said to check her email. :)

    Take good care of yourself, sending you my very best.
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