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  • Well,....the 'name' of 'God' is another subject, or if there is only one 'name' that has some ability to save men. 'God' comes in many forms, personalities, images, avatars, and 'names' relative to those cultures who perceive Him/Her/It. In any case,....we can explore these on the main forum,...don't want to use this 'space' for more serious discussions.
    ok, no worries...did u by any chance ever go by another 'name' on the forum here? My 'theology extends beyond the bible to be more all-inclusive and includes 'scripture' from all or any tradition(s) and all religious writings, since there is only One Infinite Intelligence and/or 'Spirit' sourcing all :)
    Sure TB,....I'd hope my terms, meanings, nuance of language, coupled with your own intelligence and power of investigation (research) would merit enough common ground and 'understanding' to engage in any discussion on any particular subject.

    I asked how devoted you were to TULIP or any doctrine of Calvinism? Also note, the subject was concerning divine providence and free will, as touched on in my last post, if you were interested in what the papers revealed on those points. If not interested, that's fine as well ;)
    trust u saw my last post in the UB thread :) - as far as divine providence and free will, u know this is a big subject for some folks, but good to be flexible to change our views at any point in time, if more light or revelation is given on the subject. We must also accept on some particulars, that we just "don't know", so that 'agnosis' is the best and most honest position in these cases. I'm not sure if you're still a believer in TULIP, or any conservative or hyper-Calvinistic perspective. If we engage it on the UB thread, it would be a study of what the papers teach, and from there, open, explorative and creative dialogue can ensue.

    Blessings in the Tao ;)
    I got on her tail because she began a thread panning mainstreamers for laxity towards divorce.....incredible :)
    Most are not. I just happen to know John MacArthur's teaching from his radio program and books. I look for sound expositional teaching, and fill in the rest with my own study.
    John MacArthur's Grace Church is non-denominational and Calvinist. Being non-denominational allows the study of God's word to take you where God wants to take you, not necessary where your denomination dictates. There are a few issues I disagree with him on, but they are in the Old Testment. I generally agree with him regarding the New Testament.
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