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  • Hi, my Essene thread is not all 'assumption', for the Essenes were a real group among the Jews and have a place within the evolution of Christianity. One can learn more on that thread and its resource links. ;)
    the issues of Paul are complex...and as varied as the denominations within Christianity.......
    Its ok Zeke, you are forgiven :) You are free, as I Am too,...in our true Self, our God-self which is Pure Spirit-Awareness-Love-Bliss.

    What I shared on the TBN thread was merely a perspective I thought needed to be shared,...and I left with my last post. My 'final thoughts' posts usually are my 'exit-posts'. You ought know for one as 'free' as I....I'm hardly a TBN devotee, as it represents only a sliver of all the God-possibilities out there! besides my studies with so many other schools and cultures in the University of LIFE, whose cirriculum is INFINITE. In any case,....I Am ever here for creative dialogue, and explorations in consciousness...for in truth, consciousness is what we ARE.

    I'd like to keep the visitor messages open now for other inputs. If you'd like to continue sharings....please use PM. Thanks!
    Excellent, I'd suggest keeping ur historical research, and other cultural/spiritual aspects, the whole spectrum. I've been to a few pow-wow's among the indian reservations here (Warm Springs, central Oregon), you can feel the primal energy culiminate around the circle drum! - some aspects of Shamanism are interesting, for me the practice of 'soul-retrieval' in healing. Never gone to the sweat lodge yet, or taken up the totem and dream catchers ;) - but ya never know where Spirit will lead. We're all Gods children.
    Cool. I enjoy aspects of Native American spirituality, reverence for Mother Nature and the Great Spirit. I recall the 'trail of broken treaties' (book and actual historical events), also Little Steven has a great album "Freedom: No Compromise" with a song on this, and a duet with Bruce Springsteen, "I Am a Native American". Some spirit guide teachers like White Eagle and Silver Birch have consistent spiritual teachings on laws that govern the souls progress here and in the Afterlife which confirm the psychic laws of the universe and basic spiritualist principles. In any case,...our inheritance of native american culture is likely richer than most even know, but is coming back to light with respect and reverence.
    Blessings from the Great Spirit (nice new avatar....is there is a meaning for you behind it?)
    Hey you linked to this, A skeptis's guide to christianity did you not? which is antichrist, we all have the right to believe what we think is correct, getting through the imformational maze is the game these days with all the tecno helps, scholars are a dime a dozen with new conjecture about old assumptions that abound .

    I was referring to the wiki article jerm was referencing, didnt know you were meaning Paul Tobins site HERE that I did leave a link for, so yes...I do share that sight often, especially on the subjects covered. - u can research the facts/data for yourself, they do hold. - yes, its a more skeptical/atheist view on Christianity, that doesnt disqualify its scholarship and logical conclusions. ;) - its just one source to put a better perspective on things, a balanced approach.
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