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  • You think I am speaking Navajo code to them LOL, I never thought of my self as a esoteric word wizard, my expression skills are more pre-school level compared to you and PPS in this theater and stage. GM is just a parrot looking for a craker.
    Hi zeke :) - careful....with your 'code-talk' they may think you're onto an esoteric conspiracy ;) - as u know, most are not familiar with terms, - maybe if u explain them a bit more,...they might catch on better, instead of critics just saying you are speaking in riddles. Something to think about. In the meantime, I just addressed GM in his thread on 'Brotherhood of Urantia Fanatics' - check it out. its one thing to misrepresent the UB, its another to carry one making your own strawmen, to jeep your own merry-go-round in operation.
    A daunting task, some might say, but if we keep the power of the creative 'logos'(word) in the fore....paving the way, new high-ways of information and knowledge shall unfold. Engaging the discussion in a creatively intelligent manner while keeping the retaliating ego in check, may pierce thru the veils of illusion and bigotry, because 'truth' (reality itself) is the only liberator.
    Hi Zeke,....I think feeding the trolls too much just makes them multiply (on the Urantia thread). You also have to realize they may not understand some of your terminology, not having a background understanding of the 'matrix' of a world-system that has kept minds in bondage, and the consciousness key-codes taught by visionaries who have seen thru the 'system' and provide tools for students to liberate themselves and unleash their true potential. To prosper on the thread we need to be familiar with UB terms, as well as traditional-orthodox and translate them into a language outsiders will understand, so that's the 'art' and 'challenge' of it.
    Berl Glen nolegalname on facebook, if you see a friend request with this title it is me! Zeke.
    Yes he is.....I'm a member of his network but don't log in that much.....his resistance site. Only listened to a few lectures....so far I get a 'matrix-like' feel from him ;) some good insights on language and metaphor.
    Been listening to Kate of Gaia as of late concerning the legal name trap verses free conscience of the liberated mind, and the many motifs of emotional veils it hides behind.
    I'm just glad that I have found another person who knows what Im talking about without having to go through a mile of Biblical passages to prove what the Holy Spirit has taught me.
    I also wanted to point out that being educated doesn't mean someone is right more of the time. It just means they get to learn more about what they were wrong about.

    Also I have met some educated but really stupid people in my life. And I have met some really intelligent uneducated people. For the most part it isn't even thier fault. I always think to myself:

    "Therebut for the grace of God, Go I."

    At any rate, I thought I'd offer my hand if friendship because I like your avatar. And anyone who likes Jimmy Buffet can't be all bad.

    When I was a child my mother asked me what I wanted to be. I said "An Indian". She said you can't because your are Italian. Where I grew up many of the towns were named after the Mashantuquet Pequot Indians names. The name of my state means "Land of the great tidal river" in their native tongue.

    I am definitely not trying to soften you up.
    Hey I like margharittas as well, and that Buffet song. I like my margharrittas on the rcoks with salt. And I am also a hillbilly. If you can accept that there are hillbillies from the Berkshires in NW CT.
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