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  • May you have a blessed and joyous year, may you know His light and life and love more fully, may you not drive me insane in this coming year. sigh.
    Hey Zeke! :) Long time no see... Hope that it is okay to say Merry Christmas with you.

    God Bless you~
    Yea some call it the zero point or perfect balance, where nothing bothers you or pricks the ego, nothing is effected by nothing, haven't been in that state as often as I would like but when I am every cell is activated and humming to Creation.
    I'm taking a more agnostic/non-theistic dive recently....questioning everything. So,...the play of nuance may vary. I'm happy to see I dont know what a single thing is (agnosis),...but have glimpses (gnosis) from time to time. Its all a play of consciousness. that's it. Hope your journeys are wonderful.
    :) yes,....some may find it insignificant, since we're all stuck in the matrix, so to speak. You might relate more the religious/spiritual aspects of one's 'legal name' as most don't know how to apply such domestically, since our 'social identity' is locked into the system.
    Hiya, catching up soon on dialogues,...been away a bit :) - love your new acronym "bi-bull" lol. - will respond soon.....
    hi zeke, your last response didn't get to me on my profile page, so didn't know u responded, remember to hit the 'view conversation' button in lower right to get us on our own 'chat-page', then post...., just to be sure :)
    Yea that's the test to get by for the no fun days, I guess Creation has a sense of humor.
    Another whammy with Kate of Gaia for some fundies will be his/her transgenderism. I think it's really cool...for having a balance of gender polarities may grant one a more synthesized holistic view of the world and reality as we know it. As an expounded of the Father-Mother-God archetype, I can appreciate and relate to the versatility of gender metaphysically. Of course what matters is the truth one is sharing albiet in metaphors.
    wow, just saw that meshak gifted u with a bronze subscription :) - now u can customize your profile page, chat in the chatbox on front page, and have some other bennies too, see here.
    One can still be a part of the illusion of this life and its 'systems' and remain spiritually free, no? Does one need to shred their legal name/identity totally? I'd need some more info. about this before accepting its primary thesis and the practicality of it, how one would actually function without using their legal name/identity. thanks :)
    hi zeke, I haven't listened or read much of Kate of Gaia's material, however,...how much of getting rid of your social ID-entity are you being successful in, and what changes have you made since coming into this info.? Still researching it? I understand some aspects of this being a phony matrix of 'social security' so to speak, however....is there anything wrong with abiding by the state/federal social system of maintaining life as usual, with all the at least 'domestic benefits' granted? I'll have to look more into this, but I do realize we are part of the social matrix here, - I think its just a matter of figuring out how you individually are going to incorporate and co-operate with the system, in the best way for yourself.
    Just cut up the ID, bank cards, take the vins and plates off the car, remove the mail box, stop signing any thing with that Crown legal name and then you will have some cred with me pretender, other than that you are just a lot of programming blind and afraid to face the above scenario.
    What about YOU though? The universe is reversing your so-called,
    inadequate substantiation and replacing it with irreversible "trait
    monitoring?" Cosmic reverberations are not bringing forth any
    instant proclivities toward particle tailoring. Enhancement of your
    "intellect" has been totally erased from your overly scheduled

    Hence, you are being observed from afar by the intermittent
    galaxy fixation crew. Findings will be forthcoming, you'll be
    notified if any preclusion's ought to be reversed or further
    accumulated. Stand by for "untraceable figment" instructions.

    Remember to use the "Stigma of Muruch" to ascertain instructive
    para-mutation analysis?
    Hey Zeke! How did you get so delusional?

    1) Drugs?
    2) Booze?
    3) Mental illness?
    4) Brainwashed?
    5) Physical trauma to your head?
    6) Pure ignorance?
    7) All of the above?

    Choose one or more? No paper, just choices.
    checking out bill donahues hidden meanings site...some good stuff. Also just subscribed to his Youtube channel ;)
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