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  • Hi zeke,...please visit my cosmic café here - just to get some good dialogue going :surf: - have u read thru it?
    Hi Zeke, being a mod means using more care than I usually do. It is always my intent to be helpful. Sometimes help comes with an edge! Anyway thanks for the compliment!
    Hi...came upon some old lectures by Gerald Massey on Christian origins/mythology, etc. You hold his views valid/possible still? Also on Paul.....sure the fur will fly there :)
    Hi Zeke, might u spruce up (customize) your profile a bit? B creative ;) - I think a fun topic for a new thread could be "Is Easter Christian or Pagan?" - D. M Murdock goes to town on that, and some historical research would be fun to pursue. Coincidentally, the KJV has the word 'Easter' which they translate from the word "πασχα (pascha)" meaning 'passover' in most every other scriptural reference,...so some controversy there too.
    Awesome,....Sedona too is supposed to be a special place. I've never been to Arizona, but did live in southwestern Utah for some years. My studies in ET Theology and Ufology are still open-ended, and I find the more advanced benevolent ET races to share the same universal laws, morals and ethics concerning spiritual progress and psychic development. From the higher cosmic perspective, we are all one universal human family, each world developing along its own evolutional path, with its own unique challenges. Another interesting study is our 'galactic history', and this opens up to our human origins, various star-races, genetic upgrading/engineering, and lots of other fun stuff. This challenges our traditional religious assumptions of 'God' (The Creator, Source, etc.) and the creation of our human race, the Adam & Eve story, eugenics, etc. - the Urantia papers have their own spin in this area, but lots of other sources to indulge as well ;)
    Hi Zeke, just getting into some of David Flynns work,...looks like he remained a devout born again Christian, relating secret occult symbols, mathematics, geometry, historical time-lines with prophetic end time events, like the UFO/alien contacts and agenda,...but showing these to be dark or satanic entities, the Nephilim, etc. He appears in any case to have unearthed a lot of good material in 'correlating' it all, but not sure I'm on board with his ultimate conclusion. Particularly interested in his take on the Roswell incident.
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