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  • Hi zeke,.....did u see my post here for Jill Stein? :) - she is the most sane, rational choice for presidency that exists, as far as I can see at the moment. Check out her site, interviews, etc. She's a breath of fresh air.
    u bet,....he likes to stir the pot, but it allows some good dialogue, in response, even if it seems to go over some heads ;)
    yeah,......I'm kinda riding on a more rational mythicist circuit like Robert M. Price, with a few perks here and there of course :) - Not sure about the full blown atheist hack down the historical Jesus stance, but take the more subtle spiritualist approach, the esoteric route, synthesizing this and that into the mix, ever the eclectic. Anyways, just some thots :)
    hiya,....thankfully Alvin Boyd Kuhn's book "lost key to the scriptures' is free, (I've got it on pdf).....so I thought it would be 'genius' (ha) if we started a new thread based on his little book and its themes, as a spin off on Lon's 'There never was a historical Jesus' thread :) - if we navigate the thread without breaking any forum rules, this should really take off :) - I'm gonna finish reading this work first,...it could be a recommendation for those joining the thread, to read first (I know this might be challenging for fundies to even attempt, but some may be more courageous than one suspects). - just an idea for now before starting. Prospect.
    Spot on. The 'reality' that I intuit as BEING, doesn't need verification or authorization by any person, cult, instutition or monarchy. I assert my full and total sovereignty, by divine right, by the 'God-presence' I AM :) - as a member of this kingdom, in full sonship, I enjoy all privileges and blessings of my Father.
    Well, guess what....the 'There never was a historical Jesus' thread got "closed". Surprised? ;) I wonder who was instrumental in that? ha
    hi zeke, I made a great response to fzappa last night, but there was a period of time during the hosting switch, that some posts were lost :( - its back to more creative writing....our work is never done :) - theres an excellent poster on Youtube under the name 'TruthSurge'......who has some excellent stuff from the 'mythicist' perspective on Jesus,....I'm watching his video series. Some eye-opening stuff.
    ;) - yeah....I have reported some posts however that were really crude, vile or degrading,....or something that needed to be 'alerted' to the mods, and that may have a positive effect, or you get branded as a 'whiner', or something else. In any case,....I hear ya. I'm actually fine just 'being',....no need for a religious path or Messiah to worship necessarily,...these are just opportunities or benefits of life to enjoy along The WAY ;)
    Hiya,.......I see your cranking out the vids ;) - well,.....lets see how long this thread stays open! before being 'closed down'. Someone really put their foot in their mouth by creating a thread with a title whose 'truth' may be more alarming than they thought.
    Not really, it's the typical sarcasm of little green men etc...............
    Hi zeke,....I noticed GM chiming in on my cosmic café thread,...hes on ignore,...I'm sure I'm not missing much, or am I ?
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