31 Reasons To Reject The Jab

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In terms of neutralizing capability, IgG3 is up to FIFTY TIMES more effective at neutralizing virus proteins than is IgG4. If IgG3 is a well-armed SWAT team, then IgG4 is Mall Cop.

In study subjects with breakthrough infections, it was even worse: On average, subjects who had a breakthrough infection after their booster shots showed 42.45% IgG4 — almost half. Remember — IgG4 is not even seen in the normal immune response to covid in unjabbed people.

Critically, all the vaccinated subjects’ IgG3 levels fell to ZERO (0%) after their third jab in the study. That’s not good.

In other words, the researchers found as time goes on, vaccinated people relied more on IgG4 — the allergy antibody — than virus fighter IgG3, whereas it was the exact opposite for unjabbed people. Something seems to be suppressing IgG3 in jabbed people, and the body appears to be compensating by recruiting the available but imperfect IgG4 type.

That phenomenon could help explain the expert-baffling chart we saw last week from the Cleveland Clinic study, which found that jabbing increased the risk of reinfection.
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