End of Roe Vs Wade?


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Do what the Republicans are doing. Ship them to D.C.
Do what the Republicans are doing. Ship them to D.C.
Lefties want the illegals to flood into the country to fatten democrat voting registries, but the democrats do not want these homeless and jobless people to come to their cities where democrat officials are already struggling with fiscal indebtedness, homelessness, and crime.

WATCH: Mayor Bowser WHINES about illegal immigrants filling up DC homeless shelters – twitchy.com

WATCH: Mayor Bowser WHINES about illegal immigrants filling up DC homeless shelters
Posted at 5:42 pm on July 17, 2022 by Greg P.

Mayor Muriel Bowser was on “Face the Nation” this morning whining about illegal immigrants getting bused to Washington, D.C. and filling up homeless shelters in her city instead of staying in the border states where, we assume, she thinks they belong.

Big city mayors ask for federal money after surge of illegal immigrants - Washington Times
Cities swarmed with asylum seekers plead for aid
Texas, Arizona send busloads to East

Some of the country’s bluest cities say they are filling up with illegal immigrants and need federal cash to help them accommodate everyone.
New York Mayor Eric Adams made his plea Tuesday. He said his city has had more than 2,800 “asylum seekers” entering homeless shelters in recent weeks.
“We are calling on the federal government to partner with New York City as we help asylum seekers navigate this process, and to provide financial and technical resources,” he said in a statement asking Uncle Sam for the handout.

The District of Columbia is also asking for help.
The city’s representative to Congress, Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, announced emergency spending legislation Tuesday that she said will reimburse the District for handling the newcomers.
She blamed Texas and Arizona for the surge.

The governors of those states, Greg Abbott in Texas and Doug Ducey in Arizona, have each orchestrated busing operations that have shipped a combined 6,200 illegal immigrants to the nation’s capital.
The migrants were among the hundreds of thousands who have been caught and released into border states this year.
Though the migrants were directly sent only to the District, Mr. Adams said in his statement that some of them are ending up in his city.
Mr. Ducey was unmoved by the complaints. He said East Coasters are experiencing a tiny fraction of what his state has been dealing with under President Biden.


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The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to keep the rape of their patients secret from their patients' parents. Because apparently the American Academy of Pediatrics is all about protecting pedophiles and rape and the murder of the unborn child.

They'll have to rewrite their mission statement.

The American Academy of Pediatrics called for “reproductive justice” and advocated for pediatricians helping minors get abortions without their parents’ knowledge in the July issue of its official journal Pediatrics.

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You would almost feel sorry for Disney at some point but they got themselves into this so I don't.

Wokey Mouse (Wokey Mouse!)
Wokey Mouse (Wokey Mouse!)
Forever let us hold our perverts high (High! High! High!)



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Disney decides that it's core audience is more interested in murdering children promoting homosexuality and perversion, pedophilia and denying responsible citizens their second amendment rights.

It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.

The Walt Disney Co. has once again caved to the far left by reversing its earlier decision to reject Democrat commercials on abortion and gun control that were intended to run on Hulu.

Disney said Hulu will now accept advertisements “covering a wide spectrum of policy positions” in a statement sent to multiple news outlets on Wednesay. At the center of the controversy were two commercials paid for by Democrat organizations that Hulu had rejected.



Get used to it.
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It's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off.
Indeed...I bailed from Netflix because of the constant annoyance of their corrupt worldviews.

Lets see how long it takes for Hulu to annoy me. :rolleyes:
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Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, a new panic has spread among legislators suddenly realizing that the pro-life movement has cared all along about women and about children after they are born. Their panic only gets worse when they discover that there are pregnancy help centers that offer such things as free medical treatment and supplies for the women and their babies, both before and after they are born.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was recently stricken with this panic. She responded by demanding that pregnancy help centers be “shut down” across the country. The senator made outlandish claims that centers “fool” and “torture” women into carrying their pregnancies to term as they seek abortion access. She lamented that such centers outnumber abortion clinics in Massachusetts by 3 to 1.

The very goal of a pregnancy center is to support women. Since Roe was overturned, pro-abortionists have demanded that pro-life Christians help women through their pregnancies and make sure they have the resources needed to raise children and be good parents. And that’s exactly what such pregnancy centers do, and have done, in Massachusetts and across the country. These services are in high demand, and many people donate to them, which is why they outnumber abortion providers 5 to 1 across America.