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If only I could turn education and reason into a conspiracy.

I wasn't even going to acknowledge this, but changed my mind. I say it's too bad that the educational system in this country so greatly limits it's graduates ability to think independently and critically. Did you know there are studies out that show that college graduates show a either a decline in the ability to think critically over what they had when they entered college or no increase in that ability? The educational system is a total failure for it's main purpose ought to be to teach people to think. And since you're such a smart guy I won't provide the links to the studies. You ought to be able to find them on your own.

You demonstrate your lack of critical thinking ability quite clearly. I'll show how with a few questions. Are all politicians honest? Are there corrupt politicians? Do they ever lie to the public? What is the underlying main mission of an intelligence agency? Is it not to understand deciet practiced by others and how to use the ability to decieve for it's own purposes? What do the answers to these questions tell you? Is it a good idea to trust someone that you know has lied to you on multiple occassions?

Anyone who thinks that an agency whose main mission is to deal in deceit is going to be honest about all of it's own practices when talking about them to the general public is not thinking. Period. Anyone who thinks that politicians will not cooperate in that deciet is also not thinking. Period. There is no conspiracy to this. It is fact derived from the behavior and the mission of the CIA and the politicians who are supposed to supervise it.

Did you know the cia spied on US senators who were charged with overseeing it? That agency has a long history of lying to oversight committees and to the general public. And to think they lied about other stuff is somehow loony? It's loony to assume they tell the truth. William Casey, head of the cia during the 1980s said the following" “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” And to disbelieve the cia is a conspiracy theory? To disbelieve the mainstream media who cooperate with the cia is a conspiracy theory? It's a fact based upon past and present behavior of the cia and the mockingbird media. I call the media that because the cia ran an operation called Mockingbird which specialized in maniputlating what the media tells us, the citizens. And don't tell me George Bush Sr. stopped it. If you carefully parse his statement he said the cia would stop paying journalists. He didn't say they were putting an end to the program, and as he was closely allied with the cia, and had worked for it, you can be sure he is a very skillful liar. He can so present things as to make most people assume what he didn't actually say.

As to MK Ultra, here is a link to Wikipedia. You leftists love it so this ought to be at least a good intro.


Here's another link that ought to be at least somewhat authoritative to you as it comes from a leftist leaning site.


Here's another link to MKUltra and other mind control programs by the CIA.


This ought to be enough to get you started if you're not so indoctrinated that you cannot see outside of what your college professors and the mockingbird media tell you.