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Okay, @Catholic Crusader, I found it!

I was off on the years just a bit, but I was pretty close considering I first saw this referrence almost thirteen years ago....

Cardinal Stanislaus Hosius said, in the original Latin....

"Nam & alterius Principis edictum non ita pridem legi, qui vicem Anabaptistarum dolens, quos ante mille ducentos annes haeretisos, capitalique supplicio dignos esse pronunciatos legimus, vult, ut audiantur omnino, nec indicta causa pro condemnatis habeantur."​
(The letters of Cardinal Stanislaus Hosius, Liber Epistolarum 150, titled "Alberto Bavariae Duci" in about 1563 A.D.)​
Which translates in English too:​
"For not so long ago I read the edict of the other prince who lamented the fate of the Anabaptists who, so we read, were pronounced heretics twelve hundred years ago and deserving of capital punishment. He wanted them to be heard and not taken as condemned without a hearing."​
(by Carolinne White, Ph.D, Oxford University, Head of Oxford Latin) (emphasis added)​

So, the Cardinal had access to writings that pronounced the Anabaptists of his day (i.e. the mid 1500s) to be heretics some twelve centuries earlier. Now, there wasn't any group calling themselves "Anabaptists" in the mid 300s AD and so the point being made is that the Anabaptists where teaching similar doctrines to whatever group the Cardinal is referring to that existed in the days of Augustine.
But just leave that aside because that's not the point! The point is that there were Christians teaching doctrines similar to 16th Century Anabaptists as far back as the 4th century and we have the writings of a Catholic Cardinal to prove it.

This, by the way, is not the only such reference to non-Catholic Christianity existing in the very early centuries after Christ. This is, however, one of the most powerful proofs because not only does it give evidence of very early non-Catholic secs of Christianity but it is written, first person testimony, taken directly from someone who is not just a Catholic and not just a Priest and not just any Cardinal of the Catholic Church. Cardinal Stanislaus Hosius was the President of the Council of Trent! This guy is as Catholic as Catholic gets!

I say it again, Catholicism has never been nearly as "universal" as Catholic priests want for the parishioners to believe. In fact, there is actually nothing at all to support such a claim. It is pure religious propaganda. Something a religious zealot might engage in.

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