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  • :chuckle:

    Cultists are just sort of naturally funny.

    Hey Clete,

    I figured it'd be best not to say it in the thread, in case I might get zinged (again) for it by the moderators on a "name-calling" charge, but I just could not hold back from mentioning to you that, regarding the particular Russellite cultist in view at the moment (NWL), I used to refer to him as "N(ew)W(orld)L(iar)" on account of the Russellites' fake Bible being called "The New World Translation".:chuckle:
    Nice! :chuckle:
    No. I quit BG a little more than three years ago. I've been doing residential home inspections in Houston since then.
    You should be proud of writing it! Your whole conversation in that thread is great. It really touched my heart. And you put it all in such a way that was understandable and detailed.

    One of the comments I just fell in love with (cause I couldn't have said it any better) was that some still cling to legality because they do not recognize their flesh as dead.

    There are so many great things you said that it would take me all day to list them.

    Wish I could have gotten back to you a lot sooner, I've been up to my neck lately and wanting to invest enough time to come up with a good response. Guess I could have banged something out real quick but that wouldn't be very satisfying.

    When I do get around to it, though, I'll probably be answering the bulk of your post. That's just the way I am, so don't sweat over trying to do the same thing.
    Greenville, for the last few years (about 60 miles east of Dallas).
    But I lived most of my life in Marble Falls, TEXAS (about 60 miles west of Austin).
    Bob Hill is the only person I ever met that caused me to be just stupefied. Not because he's such a great person but because I could tell by just being in the room with the guy that I had nothing of value to contribute. He's forgotten more about the Bible than I will ever know. All I ever wanted to do when I was around him (which wasn't very much at all unfortunately) was just keep my mouth shut and listen.

    I don't know whether he's still with us or not. I hope so for our sake. I hope not for his.
    My seeing Bob Hill's name on this forum made me start
    posting on TOL back in 2011. I knew him from My church
    camp back in the late 60s. Is he still alive? If so, is he
    still involved with Grace Gospel Church and Grace Gospel
    I am honored you consider me the dumbest person on the board. I must be doing something right, because that puts me as far away from your views as possible. :)
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