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Nathon Detroit

You must be a Theology Club member to post in the Open View Theology Forum. Becoming a member is easy and free. You can join the club here. For the most part anyone who applies will be accepted into the Theology Club.


To remain in the theology Club you will need to be able to play well with others. The Theology Club is for folks who do not wish to bicker, fight, play games, obfuscate, or otherwise present themselves as a distraction to the discussion.

Thread derailment will NOT be tolerated. Stay on topic!!!

The Open View Theology Forum is a PRO-openness theology forum. In other words this forum is intended to primarily discuss Open View theology from the perspective that it is the correct biblical view. That does not mean that the view cannot be questioned or debated, instead it simply means this forum will not be a place for settled view proponents to grandstand or monopolize the forum or mock the position that this forum represents.

If a person is not following the above stated rules they will be removed from the Theology Club and will no longer be able to make posts in this forum.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. :up:
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