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  • I can't understand your posts. I have no idea what you're trying to say. How can I answer anything when that is the case?
    Jesus told the Samaritan woman (and I think we have a similar pattern today) that we worship Him in Spirit and Truth. I'd think, given the current atmosphere, I recognize a few things. 1) Relative truth of our Westernized culture has us reactionary so of course "Truth" is emphasized 2) That I think we do ostracize 'Samaritans' and likely should be a bit more conversant and understanding toward "Spirit (relationship)." The Pharisees, for all Jesus told them they were to be listened to, were no better off, so your value here is a needed call to both of us and all to worship God in Truth AND Spirit. Thanks. -Lon
    Not a problem and I will endeavor to explain anything if I use it. Some English words are simply a transliterated loanwords from Greek to English. "Baptiz[O]e is a Greek loanword transliterated (given an English alphabet from closest sound from Greek alphabet) from Greek βαπτίζω
    Wise man once say..."arguing with a woman is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. After a while you realize the pig enjoys it."
    I would like to thank whoever it was that paid for a subscription on my behalf. That was a very kind gesture. I pray it will make some kind of a difference that will encourage me to stay with the forum awhile longer. It is sometimes tough to take. Having said that, I hasten to add that there is none better, irrespective of much untoward freedom of expression that exists. So, thank you to whomever it was who thought I was worth the investment. . . . :)
    Thank you very much for your message, I don't always care to listen to tapes and vids but using the very means and principles spoken about in the message "let the peace of God rule in your heart" I did listen, I'm very glad I did.

    I have added it to my TLO comes to TOL thread. We ARE on the same thing, that's what was troubling me, that IS my life style, I DO live by faith of the inner Christ life.

    It is that which I am seeking to share on TOL....but I did not earn it, it all is a thing given to me since I was saved. so thank you very much....I am sorry that we have rubbed up wrong...God bless you
    howdy CR from the windy and cold day in atlanta georgia.

    does my last post on glossa thread line up right on the scripture discussed there??
    Thank you, Cedarbay and likewise to you. re prayers: Please do keep me in your prayers as I will you. For such a time as this we need more brothers and affirmation in His righteousness. Thank you for your friendship. . ))
    please check out my last comment on my thread related to cain and abel

    always open to better perspectives and explanations.
    it is a bit long but has key questions.
    Thank you. I saw it and smiled.
    My argument with you is that you are in denial. The scriptures do not say what you would have them say and yet you persist. I don't understand that kind of closed mentality which borders upon being a worship of doctrine. It is so blatantly irrational of you to make complicated what is not complicated.

    Thanks again for your kind reply.
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