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  • I apologize for calling you "sonny" now that I see your age, which is close to mine. I just did not appreciate your inference that I do not read the bible. Sorry.
    I understand. Again I say, stay objective. I will demonstrate this to you and it won't violate the scriptures. To the contrary, they will open up in a fresh way to reveal somethings that will enrich your understanding.
    Sure thing. Do you profess the Nicene or Apostle's Creed? I've just learned that some Christians do not.
    I'm enjoying your posts, and what seems to be sound biblical doctrine. Still learning on this end and spending time with the early church fathers who gave us our confessions and creeds.
    Thanks for the welcome to TOL. And yes I do love reading Oswald Chambers quotes from "My Utmost for His Highest". I look forward to having conversations with you through the forums as we try to solidify our beliefs, even if they differ, through the defense of those beliefs with other saints of God.
    Why not go all the way __ shuck off your sectarian dogma that will open the way for a better understanding of the whole counsel of God? When you sincerely feel ready to do that you will find me willing to discuss. . . otherwise, I am not. Thanks for the pos-rep.
    CR I want you to know that, I appreciate your
    kind words in the "Woodshed" and I'm very
    sorry not to have included you in my post
    on the merits of Jason being the "holiest"
    man on the forum! I should have given you,
    at least, an "honorable mention!" My Apologies!
    Your fiend-- I mean friend, GM
    Thanks for the well thought out neg-rep my
    friend! I'll try and return the favor later! Hope
    you have the patience to wait for it, I'm fresh
    out right now!
    Good morning Ken!

    I agree with you that nothing has changed, but we cannot give up. For evil to triumph all that needs to happen is for good men do ‘say’ or ‘do’ nothing. I cannot but to keep on preaching the truth of His greatness and His mercifulness toward us all.

    Sometimes I too want to throw my arms up and give up, but then the Spirit lovingly nudges me to go back and say something.

    I am enthralled with the way this man thinks. I have the Bible in one hand and then I read something he says and look at the verse in a totally different way than I was taught. I get a deeper understanding. He is teaching me to sit and to really meditate in what I have read. Thank you for offering to help me when I get stuck in my reading. I’ll definitely ask.

    I can see that you have come back with a new vigor and I felt your love in one of your responses.

    Keep up the good work and NEVER give up, no matter how many times you want to throw your arms up and give up. That’s what the enemy wants to happen, that we give up and stop preaching Jesus Christ and what He did at the Cross for us.

    May the Lord make us more 'stubborn' for Him, meaning, may He never permit us to give up.

    It always amazes me CR, how a person who calls himself/herself a Christian can belittle another brother/sister in Christ all because they do not agree with the way the other brother/sister serves the Lord.

    I definitely disregard such opinion, because I have not attained yet what God has promised. I am still in the race. I do not get discouraged anymore, when a comment comes my way with the intention of the evil one to knock me down, I reject such a comment in the Name that is above every name, the Lord Jesus Christ.

    My faith is in Christ and what He did for me at the Cross. I yield, I present myself to God's redemption Plan and in this way I am no longer dominated by the sin nature.

    Walk in the good works that the Lord has prepared for you since you were saved. They are yours. They do not belong to another. Do not hear the egregious comments. It is my contention that when someone says something and I jump, I better get my act together and listen to what the Lord wants for me to learn. I go to Him and say, "Lord, so and so, said this and I jumped. Please show me if so and so is correct and if so and so is, please, change me and teach me." I don't just disregard it because it bothered my comfortable position. The Lord challenges us and how does He does it? Through other brothers/sisters, reading the Bible, prayer, vision, etc.

    Know that the Lord also received the same kind of egregious comments, because the people did not like that He went to the disposition of the law, and the "religious" people had no idea what He was talking about. Now, the "uneducated" got it and received the blessings and MOST of the "educated" or "religious" ones did not receive the blessings, because they rejected Him.

    "Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses" (1 Timothy 6:12).

    Forgive me if I said something that does not make sense. Even though I know what I want to say, sometimes I do not find the right words to express what is in my heart.

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